WGS REUNION NOV 19 –20 2005   The Toast To The School

Ian Prior

In making a response to the Loyal Toast – my first response is amazement that we are actually here and so many of us are – so first a Big Thank You to all who drove this forward – the committee – especial thanks to David Spencer Treasurer and Correspondent extraordinaire – and to Webmaster Graham Tall – a source of amazing knowledge.

My second is based on this (Jacket) – which I can still get into – and using Visual Aids which my profession has hopefully taught me!! – the Badge has the Motto – “SEMPER JUVENTUTIS MEMOR” – which I believe is “Always the memory of Youth” so s visit to the Wrenn school Website this week tells me from their most recent OFSTED inspection that there are a “small minority of disruptive pupils”. This of course would never have happened in 1955 – Oh no – even I as a Wrenn protégé as Head Boy can remember jumping on the bus during a School cross country, imitating Beery Ward in the middle of a School Play – none of you of course would have gone behind the BOGS for a drag of the cancer inducing weed – OH NO – always the memory of Youth.

Who can forget the classic School Dinner question “Who wants stuffing?” to which the obvious muffled answer was “You do” or the Assembly question just before Speech Day “Who is Sir William Penney” to which the answer was “He’s the bloke what’s coming on Thursday” and then the eternal high pitched whistle during Assembly and the frantic attempts by Chunky Pine and Ernie Huddart to locate the culprit!! Oh – always the memory of youth – we were never disruptive!!

I gather also from the Website that the School is on 2 sites a quarter of a mile apart – I am sure that many of us in those days would have lusted indeed for a close link with the Girls High School – it was a bonus that the School Buses from Rushden stopped there – always the memory of Youth.!

Finally to be more serious (?) I note that 172 out of 1332 pupils “have a home language other than English” Now that is different from 1955 and it reflects how our society has changed – but the school is “an effective school with many outstanding features” and I personally applaud that and am pleased that the school which despite its many deficiencies from 1955 –62 gave me a tremendous start in life is still doing that today with all the Educational bureaucracy on its back. So Mr and Mrs Temple, Mr and Mrs Mcall, Mr Stanley and not forgetting David and Richard – please take your glasses and toast WGS aka WRENN school and all who have sailed in her, absent friends and all being educated there now—

A Toast