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Photos are available if  underlined in blue.

1950 France - Paris .   One week trip organised by Mr Cheale, with Mr. Sparrow, Mr. Feldman

1952 France – Paris –  Mr Ward went for the first time. 

1953 Switzerland – not France. Apparently there was a railway strike in France and they went via Ostend and Cologne.  Photographs in Miss Bavin's Scrapbook p161 & p229

1954 Austria           Since Mr. Cheale introduced the annual holiday abroad scheme four years ago parties

                               have been to Paris twice and last year to SwitzerlandEach year the popularity of

                               the trips has increased.  The idea is to give the boys as wide an experience of the

                               world as possible, while enjoying a holiday at the same time.    (Newspaper report 1954)

1955 France, Nice. "British Railways come off second best when compared to the French"
1956  Italy   Photo supplied by Bob Debanke                   Photos on 1952 Web site

1957 Spain .          "Sixth successive trip to Europe"  Bull Fighting:  "They came away thinking that
                              this was not their idea of sport and that bull-fighting was much over-rated.
Photos on 1952 Web site

1958 Norway Numbers were so large two parties had to be organised.  Photos on 1952 Web site

1958 A trip to the World Fair in Brussels.                       

1959 Rome and Naples Rome and Naples"Ninth trip.. Parties of boys have visited France three times, Italy twice, Switzerland, Austria,
                                             Spain and Norway" 
day trips along Amalfi coast,  Pompei., and Capri.   Photos on 1952 Web site

1960  Paris & Switzerland: over 70 applications therefore two parties.     Information for Boys

1961 Italy - Riva and Venice.

1962 Austria – Vienna and Innsbruck. Last trip when Charlie Ward was involved.

1963 Spain – Tarragona. The first year Mr Wrenn went on the trips.

1964 Italy and Switzerland. 50 boys and 2 masters Mr.Cheale and Mr. Wrenn   Mr Wrenn, his wife and daughters went. Album p269

1965 Italy – Florence and Venice.

1966 France and Switzerland – Paris and Montreux.   Mr.Cheale and Mr.Wrenn    Album p294

1967 Germany (Schwäbische Halle & Boppard), Aug 14th to 25th Mr.Cheale and Mr.Wrenn.  Album p324

1968 Switzerland, Tesserete (or Locarno) and Interlaken (Hotel Krone) Aug 15th to 26th.

1969 Italy, Chiavari, Hotel Maremonti, Aug 12th –22nd.

1970 Switzerland, Davos, Hotel Lohner, Aug 12th-21st.   12 day trip to Tyrol    Mr.Cheale and Mr.Wrenn 75 pupils.Album p364

1971 Austria, Rattenberg-Radfeld, Innsbruck Hotel Kaiserblick, Aug 11th-22nd.    Album p348

1972 Luxembourg and Interlaken, Switzerland.

1973 Loire Valley July  France – Blois Loire Valley.1974 Germany – St. Goar.

1975  Switzerland – Interlaken – two parties. Mr J H Butler went with the first party and Mr B L Gilbert with the second one.


Does anybody have photographs taken of above trips?

Obituary to Charlie Ward written by Ivor Cheale:  I got to know Clem most of all when, in 1952, with his wife Ethel he joined my wife and myself in organising and accompanying the School foreign tours until he left us in 1962. Some hundreds of boys went on the tours in this period and their willingness to reminisce on their enjoyment of their experiences is itself a fine tribute to Clem’s ability to plan, to forsee snags in good time and to present total good humour and cheerfulness whatever might occur.

Such little incidents as returning to Wellingborough at 11.30pm with one party and leaving the next day at 4am with the next; turning aside the wrath of rail staff finding boys’ stretched out asleep in first class compartments; illness of almost epidemic proportions with 36 running high temperatures out of a party of 60 and, perhaps finest of all, getting a whole party’s packed meals by rushing, with Ethel, through the passport control at Basel, without passports, of course! Clem coped with them all.                Martin Cheale

Obituary to Ernie Bryan: Many old WOG's will remember Ernie The Gardener (circa 1950 - 56 ish). Ernie Bryan was very popular with both pupils and staff and, accompanied by his charming wife, went on the fabulous foreign holidays organised by Martin Cheale and (wife Poppet). During the long rail journeys I remember Ernie's spell binding accounts of his war service with the Baltic Fleet, the stories were horrendous.

More recently memories of Ernie appear in the book "Wollaston Remembered by Ernie Bryan" [author E. Phyllis Tubby, printed by 'Allison Printers', Thrift Street, Wollaston ] of which I possess a signed copy. About a year ago he was mugged of his pension at Wollaston.  Sadly Ernie passed away about a month back, nearly surviving to a century. (2005)   Barrie Tall added:  "Ernie was always considered to be a 'teacher' on the school trips abroad"

Norway 1958  3 Photographs (First repeated with numbers); second by Bob de Banke, third Barrie Tall (1955)
The names in the first photo were primarily given by Richard Frost, Bob Gibson,  Robert Clarke and a few by myself. 
Sixth Row:  32=David Underwood, 33=  Michael Coles, 35=Nicky Butler, 36= John Hobs, 45=John (Fred Nutt), 48=Gerald Woodhams, 49= Richard Sugars, 52=Selick Norsworthy, 55=Michael Drage, 56=John Dickenson, 57=David Page, 58=Barry Clarke
Fifth Row:
 21=Nigel White, grinning face between 21 & 22=Sam Harris, 22=Roy Tomalin, 23= Barrie Tall., 36=John Green, (41=Colin Barber, 50=Max Bayes and 43=Alan Kitto-Recheck these Dick - named before you gave numbers).    
Fourth Row:
28= Fert Denton (???), 31=  Bob de Banke. 
Third row
: 12= Peter Catlin,13=Roger Brown,14=John Linnet,16= John Wittering,  17= Richard Frost , 20=David Holder,
Second Row  1= Ike Waltons twin/Peter(John Linnet's twin), 2=Michael Ginders, 3=Dick Britton,  4=Brian Larkins,  5= Stephen Dobney, 6=Bob Gibson, 7=Peter Clarke, 8=Geoff Hodgkins, 9=Jimmy James,10=John Cousins, 11=Ike Walton. 
Front Row: Ivor (tour guide), Ivor Cheale, 2 women, Charlie Ward, Sheila Sands, Jane
Richard also commented:
Because it was trip changeover day, trip 1 are in casuals, trip 2 in uniform.   

Bob de Banke

From left:

Pete Jackson, Sam Harris, Whiskers Payne, Bob de Banke, Cabbage Green and Jammy Holder (Pete Jackson identification)




Barrie Tall   Barrie Tall, Robert Gibson - can you name the other two?