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Trip to Austria 1954     

With so many intermingled heads identifying individuals will be difficult, though the two master's Ivor Cheale (and his wife) and Charlie Ward are evident.  If you can provide names, let me know

More photographs below.            Photo donated by Steve Regis 

And what a group of tourists - two boys wearing Tyrrolean hats!   The group outside White Horse would be from form 5B  identification ??       Two maids in photo below.

Two maids from hotel in Salzburg I think











1955 Trip to France   Two trips organised, see cutting below

Can you help me name everyone. I can recognise:

Staff & Wives: 30  Ivor Cheale; 34 Geoff Stanley; 39 Charlie Ward;  43 Ernie Bryant

12 Ivor's wife 'Poppet'   15 Mrs Esther Ward

School Party Enjoys 675 Mile French Railway Journey "Rock Steady at 90 mph"  Full cutting below picture.