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 Using the Panoramas on the Wellingborough Grammar School web site (1962, 1965, 1968, 1971, 1974): 

Sad to see the aging and rapidly reducing (Retiring?) numbers of 'our' staff at the school:  Note the longest serving members, with the exception of the deputy, sit closest to Harold Wrenn.
1962:  Nora,   Templar, ??, Ridge, Cloddy, Pettit, Johnny, Tony, Ivor, Beerie, Chunky, Eddie, Tinbum, Harold
                                         Jake, Butler, Spike, Gus, Buzz, Ernie, Sulch, Halliwell, Pritchard, ???, ???, Bantoft
Pettit, Johnny, Tony, Ivor, Beerie, Chunky, Eddie, Tinbum, Harold,
                                                                                 Jake, Butler, Spike, Gus, Buzz, Ernie, Sulch, ??, BantoftNora
  Sulch, Ernie, Buzz, Gus, Spike, Butler, Tinbum, Harold, Eddie, Chunky, Beerie, Ivor, Tony, Johnny, Cloddy, Nora
  Sulch, Ernie, Buzz,       Beerie, Butler, Tinbum, Harold, Eddie, Chunky,             Ivor, Tony, Johnny, Cloddy,Nora
 Johnny, Tony, Ivor, Chunky, Sulch, Harold, Mrs Wrenn, Butler, Beerie, Buzz,  Ernie. 
   First information on identification of  Mrs Wrenn and the fact that Sulch was Dep.Head. supplied by Nick Tompkins (1969)

                  Jock, the groundsman, is in all the above panoramas        
H.A.Wrenn retired August 1975

Bantoft   = Mr. Bantoft,             Butler = Mr Butler              Buzz =  Mr. Temple,      Beerie = Mr. Ward, 
Chunky  = Mr. Pine,               Cloddy  = Mr. Barker,       Eddie   = Mr. Phillips,         Ernie = Mr.Huddart,
       Gus = Mr. Leftwich         Halliwell = Mr. Halliwell,   Harold  = Mr. Wrenn,         Ivor   = Mr.I.Cheale,     
      Jake = Mr. Dunning,         Johnny   = Mr. J.Hyde,       Pettit    = Mr. Pettit,      Pritchard = Mr.Pritchard, 
     Tony = Mr. Sparrow,        Spike     = Mr.Jackson,       Sulch   = Mr. Sulch,       Templar = Mr.Templar
 Tinbum = Mr.Nicholas
Please check the photos to see if I have missed anyone. 

The full order of the staff on the 1974 Panorama is:
, (two to his left is Ernie's youngest son): Martin Layton, Mick Hagar, Michael Webster, Bert Way (history), Rick Buckby, Geoff Dean (English), K. Parkinson (bio), Roddy Fairey (phys), Nick Wills (history), T. Coddy Rowe (maths), Bob Taylor (England Rugby), Dave Wilson (English), Dick Bentley (chem), Johnny Hyde, Tony Sparrow, Ivor Cheale, Chunky Pine, T J C Sulch, Harry Wrenn, Mrs Wrenn, Johnny Butler, Beery Ward, Buzz Temple, Ernie Huddart, Brett Tussler (geog), Charlie Chesters, Tomlinson (Eng Drg), Mick Wright (English), I L Mac Dougall (history), Killer Goodman (maths), PEC Cameron (biology), Puggy Buchanon (English), Dick Armstrong (Geog) , Emerson, B.Gilbert, Phil York (maths), Mr. Vann (chem):

             Nick Tompkins (1969) list confirmed by Dave Wilson (1952)

From the teachers list the last teacher can't be Mr. Vann, he left a year earlier.  ,  E. J. Holt  is not however included - the last teacher?

I would also welcome information on position of the other teachers who were at the school with us eg. Dick Bentley, Charlie Chesters  - they joined the school whilst we were there, so they ought to be included above.