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                                                         Some might even recall bits of the speech   Mr.B.Hallward, Nottingham University

Two eagle-eyed members David Spencer and Robert Gibson have been identifying the 1955 year - my problem was checking their counting - have I got it right now?:  5=Stephen Dobney, 8=Brian Wescott, 9=Alan (Flash) Marlow, 10=Richard Bradshaw, 11=John Allen, 13=Graham Chapman, 15=Robert Gibson**, 16=John Cousins, 17=Hugh Nicholas, 18=Brian Robinson, 19=Malcolm Billing, 20=Jimmy James, 21=Bob Mayes, 22=Paul Cox, 23=Michael Britton, 24=David Spencer, 25=Richard Buchta, 26=Pete Tomkins, 27=Robert (Toot) Scott      ** 15= Richard Nobes according to Chris Talbot (has Bob mis-identified himself?)

I think that Philip Bratby is in the row behind between 18 and 19 & Richard (Ginner) Knight between/behind 10 & 11.  Dick Frost states that the tall lad behind 19 is David Craddick and the smiler between he and the lamppost is Nigel Bayes

I hadn't realised that our future biology teacher R.Knight was headboy in our first year?                  Home Page