Spain 1957 

Source of picture:  Original photo belongs to Fred Nutt

Colegio Sanluis Gonzaga
Front rows:
  1=Ricky Wrenn, 2=Geoff James, 3=Stephen Dobney, 5=Richard Nobes, 6=Ron Coles, 13=Fred Nutt, 9=John Bonham?, 10=Roy Gilmour, 11=Peter Laughton, 14=Malcolm Billing 15=Garth Peacock,16=Dick Britton, 19=Tony Bryan, 20=John Kirk, 21=Colin Ealey  22=Dave Wagg, 23=Richard Mallows
First Standing: 24=Ivor Cheale, 25=Charlie Ward, 26=
Geoff Parnell??, 27=Robert Deacon (who allegedly won the flatulence competition by a street), 28=Colin Gill,  34=M Sharman, 35=Robert Langley, 36=Father Pedro Gili - Sancho (Padre)-local link, not part of party, 37=John 'Lou' Maddock, 38=Barrie Tall, 39=John Leonard Hawthorne Bailey - NCC County Councillor at one time., 40=Graham Warden
Back Rows:  
41=Roger Attlee?, 46=Tony Bayes, 47=Jim Galloway, 48= Brian Mason - used to beat me in to second place on the cross country., 49= Ray King-Underwood 51=Pat Coles, 53=Paul Richardson,  54=Graham Arch., 55=Ernie Bryan, 56 (peering between the Padre and me)= Nick Kirby, 57=Roger More, 58 is I think Jeff/Geoff Tye.    Names given by amongst others John Maddock and Jim Galloway
Can you give the last few names?

Travelling there:  Port Boulogne to Barcelona Train

Ron Coles,
Richard (Nobby) Nobes
Stephen Dobney


Plane used to Fly between Barcelona and Palma,-Majorca.  All three photos supplied by Anthony Bryan.
Left:  Ivor.   Below: Bull Fight, Barcelona