Reunion Photos 3 - The Musical Entertainment   NOTE only my photos below Others to add!

Photos 1: WGS       Photos 2: Hall before Band 

Photos are from several sources:  AH: Alan Holder, AM: Alan Marlow, CT: Chris Talbot, PC: Paul Cox, Uninitialed: Graham Tall

Roy Pettit had the right hair cut when he introduced the band 

Spike and the Jackson 5 (48)

and in profile the teddy boy was really evident (AH10)

Geoff Hodgkins, Garth Peacock, Ron Coles, Graham Newell and Bob de Banke  (49)

The Band soon drew everyone's attention (CT12)

And the applause was deafening! (CT13)

Geoff Hodgkins proudly donned a coat that he would have given his arm for when he had been a teenager.  (50)

Garth Peacock clearly enjoyed playing his guitar and the band relaxed between songs  (51)

Ron Coles sat ready for action  (52)

Graham Newell strummed away  (53)

And Bob de Banke acknowledged the well-deserved applause  (54)

The audience thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment  (55)

David Holder showed his album, including photos of the scout camp, to Geoff Stanley (AH11)

The only reason for turning one's back on the band was to pick up a drink  (56)

Stephenie Tall, Gill and Peter Clark show their enjoyment  (57)

David Spencer, Brian Mason and Sam Harris chat during an interlude  (58)

and David and Lesley Munns are chatting away  (59)

Alison Toia watches the band, but Terry Stratton talks to another old boy  (60)

Roger listens to Alan Holder, but Jennie sees me with the camera  (61)

Barrie Tall, sips at his wine in an attempt to cool down  (62)

Richard and Carol Nobes chat to a neighbour  (63)

Surprisingly David Colson is on his own  (64)

- but he is clearly having fun!  (65)

Graham Tall has actually put his camera down! (AH12)

Barbara and Peter Tomkins relax before the band next plays. (AH13)

David Munns and Sam Harris demonstrate that 40+ years is no time at all. (66)

and, Lesley Lawrence and Mike Cox are chatting away.


Tony Mitchell was chatting to Liz Palmer, just before the photo was taken


Richard Bryan and Clive Roche demonstrate that the room was warm  (69)

Richard Carter and Michael Payne  (70)

Robert Gibson and John Allen (71)

The band has started its second stint, the couple on the left (Bob & Isobel Clarke??) and Tony Bevington are in tune with the band(72)

Even those in need of a refill listen to the 'sound' - the only photo containing both Roche's.  Alan Marlow stands in the doorway  (73)

I thought I'd missed taking a photo of Nick Palmer, which was a surprise, because we'd been chatting over dinner, and I certainly photographed the table he was at.  Nick enjoyed reminding me that apparently, one day at school I had been knocking everybody's desk lids down and his response, quite rightly, was to punch me!   However, at the back of the photo above, there is Nick watching the band see right - Oh for a CSI photographic enhancement programme!

Geoff gives his all  (74)

Paul & Joy Cox with Michael Britton listen to the music  (75)

Chris knows that like Cinderella, we have to leave by midnight, hence he has to call a halt.  (76)

Garth Peacock and Ron Coles show their tiredness.  (77)

Bob de Banke almost appears exhausted  (78)

Peter Tomkins and Barbara  (79)  like

Graham & Claire Chapman (80)

Liz Talbot and Paul Robinson (81) show their pleasure.

Clive Branson chats to David Munns  (AH14)

Graham Drage, Alan Marlow and Richard Buchta recall they were once a mighty front row. (AM1)

Geoff Hodgkins and  Ian Prior first met when they were 4, its been good meeting up again for the reunion   (AM2)

Graham Drage, Martin Gray and John Allen are wondering what happened to all that energy they once had. (AM3)

The grin on Graham Newell's (82) face demonstrates, more than any words could tell  that it had been a VERY GOOD DAY. But,  the reunion wasn't over yet. 

A number of stalworts met the following day at the Old Grammarians in Oxford Street . Alan Marlow, John Allen and John Cousens (AH15)

Dick Frost and Chris Talbot relax (AH16)

Roy Pettit looks as if he is still euphoric and hangs on to his indefatigable wife, Sue - who wrapped all the souvenir glasses! (AH17)

Terry Stratton and Alice look at Alan Holder's Album (AH18)

and Graham Chapman and Barrie Tall study the exhibition (AH19)


Photos 1: WGS       Photos 2: Hall before Band 

Missing Photos: Colin Barber, Richard Barden, Chris Buckby, John and Jane Green.