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Photos are from several sources:  AH: Alan Holder, AM: Alan Marlow, CT: Chris Talbot, PC: Paul Cox, Uninitialed: Graham Tall

The Masonic Hall, before the 1955 boys and the Reunion guests arrived.  Each place is set with the two mementos provided. A programme containing photos of all the boys in 1958 3rd, 4th and 5A1 and 5A2 forms).  Inside the black boxes (decorated with red and white stripes and the school badge) is a cut whisky glass decorated with the rose badge and the details of the reunion.  (CT11)

Old boys and wives started arriving before 7.00  (29).

Chris Talbot  welcomed everybody, introduced our guests and asked Mr Richard Temple to say Grace.    After which, Ian Prior with an amusing introduction proposed  (30)  The Toast to the School

Ian's introduction raised smiles by Dick Frost and Geoffrey Stanley  (31)

and soon had Chris Talbot  laughing loudly,  (32)

even John Cousens was amused.  (33)

Robert Gibson introduced our guest speakers.  (34)

and in the process, amused our guests Colin McCall and Liz Talbot  (35)

Mr. Richard Temple, David Spencer and Roy Pettit.  (36)

David Wilson, was clearly amused at the introduction.  (37)

Richard Oberman swapped places with Chris Talbot and then they began their response.  (38)

Richard Oberman began the banter   (39)

whilst, David Wilson provided his share of the punch-lines.  (40)

Graham Tall read out the names of the boys who had died  (41)

Graham was totally surprised by the award of a glass plaque for creating the web page  (AH5)

I want to say thanks to my classmates because of their totally unexpected award of a glass plaque inscribed with the original address of this web page



Graham Chapman  (42)

Dick Frost   (43)

Paul Robinson   (44)

and David Spencer read out messages from absent friends.  Including a letter from Johnny Hyde, wishing us all well. (45)

Sadly, Mr.Temple had to leave before the bands entertainment began.  (46)


David Spencer described how he with the help of the committee discovered the addresses of the old boys.  His  initial attempt through Friends Reunited was only answered by a small number of the Old Boys.  But these contacts and the friends of the  local boys he already knew lead to ever increasing identifications.  The Evening Telegraph was used, the web was searched and boys were found using national data bases.  New contacts often lead to others, the result, a full room!

David then told everyone to open the black table pieces in front of them to find the memento whisky glass presented to everyone.  See right

Liz and Chris Talbot look replete (AH6)

Roger Cobley holds forth (AH7)

Table 5A1 with Paul and Joy Cox, Michael Britton, Richard Buchta and Peter Burrell wait whilst the band gets ready (AH8)

But, Bob deBanke ensures that he finishes his drink (AH9)


Photos 1: WGS       Photos 3: When the Band Played