Reunion Photos 1- Visiting The Wrenn School (WGS)    More photographs below.

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Photos are from several sources:  AH: Alan Holder, AM: Alan Marlow, CT: Chris Talbot, PC: Paul Cox, Uninitialed: Graham Tall

Check the photos, and let me know if I have missed your name and send me a photo, if you have a good one or, by chance, someone has been missed out (the most likely missing lads on the day will be those who chatted in the bar!    Graham

Not everyone managed to get to the school on time - but it was a reasonable turnout for the beginning of the reunion day. (1)

Back Row(s): Ian Prior,Malcolm Billing,Geoff Billett,John Allen,Garth Peacock,Clive Branson,Geoff Stanley,Clive Childs,Colin McCall,Chris Roche,Peter Burrell, Terry Stratton

3rd Row: Geoff Hodgkins, Robert Gibson, Peter Clark, Tony Mitchell, Dick Frost, Graham Chapman, Richard Buchta, Rodney Foster, Tony Bevington, Roger Cobley

2nd Row:  Paul Robinson, Roy Pettit, David Spencer, John Cousens, Chris Talbot, Richard Carter, Ron Coles,Mick Corbyn

Front Row: Bob de Banke, David Holder, Barrie Tall, Alan Marlow, Paul Cox, Graham Tall

Paul Cox didn't send many pictures, but those he did showed quality!  (PC1)

I've included another photo of the group above just in case somebody didn't smile  on the first one!  (PC2)

Cameras were quickly out - Bob deBanke (AH1)

Graham Tall (AH2)

Slowly the cameramen join their brethren for the Evening Telegraph Photographer (AH3)

Its Cold, but Ron Coles, Tony Bevington, Roger Cobley and Chris Roche wait patiently (AH4)

The first thing we saw inside the newly painted Hall, was the memorial book (2).

The corridor walls hadn't changed!   Malcolm Billing, Peter Burrell, ,Ian Prior (CT1)

The reunion members quickly got down to chatting and photography.  From left: Rodney Foster, John Cousens, Mick Corbyn, part of Alan Marlow's head, Paul Robinson, Richard Buchta, Graham & Barrie Tall and Richard Carter (CT1a)

What was evident, was that there wasn't much reticence, everybody chatted - John Allen, John Cousens, Paul Robinson, Richard Buchta and Graham Tall (CT2)

Initially we just looked in through the room door 'windows'  (3)

Mick Corbyn, ??, Clive Branson on the left, Rodney Foster centre, Roy Pettit and Tony Mitchell on right

Something soon aroused Barrie Tall's memories  (4)

Malcolm Billing was chatting happily, but I have no idea what caused David Spencer's expression.   (5)

Just outside the Dining Hall area.  From the left: Roy Pettit, Mick Corbyn, Mr.Colin McCall, Paul Robinson and Geoff Billett  (6)

The dining room was almost unrecognisable.  Alan Holder chats to Barrie Tall & Peter Clark.  Behind them is Malcolm Billing, Rodney Foster and Mr. Stanley (CT3)

Colin McCall chats with Geoff Billett.  (CT4)

Whilst, Robert Gibson identifies the decor to Paul Cox with Mick Corbyn, Chris Roche, David Spencer and Tony Mitchell behind (CT5)

Whatever, Geoff Hodgkins said, Malcolm Billing was clearly amused. (CT6)

A crowded Hall.  Left Graham Tall and Richard Buchta, centre Clive Branson and Ian Prior, Peter Clark, Bob de Banke and Rodney Foster by the window (CT7)

Right:  David Spencer demonstrates where he would have stood in the middle of the quadrangle, if it had still been grassed over!   His crime?  David had 'annoyed' Eddie Phillips in Art .  To identify the spot where he had stood, David carefully paced 12 yards down the passageway and turned and faced in the correct position.   (CT8)

There was considerable mingling.  Here Peter Clark, Malcolm Billing and Peter Burrell chat.  (CT9)

Come on you lot - we're having to wait whilst you finish gossiping. From Left David Spencer, Paul Robinson, Dick Frost, Ian Prior, Tony Mitchell, Richard Carter and Chris Roche.  (7)

Roy Pettit, looks thoughtful here.  (8)

But, David Spencer has caused Dick Frost and Peter Clark to collapse into gales of laughter.  (9)

Richard Buchta's smile never left his face.  (10)

And Mr. Stanley seemed to be enjoying himself.  (11)

Though Clive Childs' looks pensive here.  (12)

Paul Cox is chatting to Mr. Colin McCall.  (13)

Ron Coles seems determined to keep warm whilst talking to Garth Peacock   (14)

Proof, that I wasn't the only one taking pictures - our beloved chairman in action.   (15)

Paul and Joy Cox with Ian Prior in the background.  (16)

Mr. Stanley wanted to get in the staff-room, but whilst he stood at the door, I don't think he managed to do so.  (17)

But we did get into Spike Jackson's room.  The class dutifully sat down but were unimpressed by the rooms rearrangement. (18)

 Whilst the desks were easily put in line, nobody was prepared to do drama WITHOUT THE TEA CHEST OF PROPS!  (19)

Peter Burrell put back the chairs.  (20)

Ernie Huddart's laboratory. Whilst the rooms had numbers on them, the door and wall also referred to the speakers who named them.  (21)

Alan Holder and Richard Buchta chatting across the tables to old mates.  (22)

  The Plaque on the new Hall (23)

Having visited the original Grammar School we saw hints of modern lessons:  The meaning of death...  (24)

NOT a pile of rubbish.  Definitely a candidate for the Turner prize.  (25)

A final word - read the school disciplinary plan and remember our experiences.  (CT10)

For obvious reasons, we didn't manage to see Mr. Wrenn, but at least a photo of him remains on display in his old office - and this time we managed to get in without having to give our reasons to Nora!  (26)

On display in Mr.Wrenn's office was this photograph of the school staff taken during the war - Note Miss Bavin, 4 women teachers plus Mr.Nicholas, Dr.Jackson and Beerie Ward  (27)


Doddington Road School's First Headtacher.  Mr.Lay  (28)

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