Radio Broadcast

David Pratt has supplied a tape recording of a radio broadcast  of a B.B.C. interview with Mr. Wrenn in March 1966.  In the interview Harold discusses the standard of education at Wellingborough Grammar School and what he feels about selection at eleven and the comprehensive school system.

Harold Wrenn and other Broadcasts

Note:  the Leicestershire system system, was a middle school system where pupils went to the secondary school at the age of 13, the beginning of our third form.  The  major perceived advantages of the system was the postponement of selection and the ability of using the smaller school premises, then extant in secondary education i.e. the joining of WGS and Wellingborough High School wouldn't have had to be necessary.  I don't think HAW was recommending what we now perceive as an all-in comprehensive system?

Radio Broadcasts  if problems let me know.  I found on the first run I had no sound, it worked , for no discernable reason, a few minutes later!