Graham Chapman, Peter Clark, John Cousens, Richard Frost, Robert Gibson, Paul Robinson,
               David Spencer, Chris Talbot (Chairman), Graham Tall & Roy Pettit.

    Committee Meeting  on Friday 11th March
Graham Tall, Richard Frost, Robert Gibson, Christopher Talbot, David Spencer and Roy Pettit

Who did we meet when some of the committee went to inspect the Masonic Hall but Mr. Temple, better known as Buzz.  Mr. Temple seemed really pleased to meet us again

Reunion on the weekend of November 19th 2005.   

See Cap! for photos of two members of the committee remembering

Proposed the following Programme:
morning travelling time

Saturday lunch      Meet at Old Grammarians, Oxford Street - Name badges to be handed out

Saturday pm         tour of the school 3.00pm to about 5.00pm more name badges to be handed out

Saturday evening   Reunion dinner 7.00 for 7.30 Masonic Hall remaining name badges to be handed out

Sunday morning   free time for look round Wellingborough etc

Sunday lunch        Meet at Old Grammarians, Oxford Street . Scrap books and other memorabilia to be on
                               display. Buffet lunch.


Dinner:   Location - see Masonic Hall below

a.  Decoration/preparation of the Hall laminated contemporary material on walls

b.  Table layout top and 4 or 5 sprigs because of the numbers

c.  Place names and layout to be determined possibly in forms

d.  Souvenir booklet incorporating menu to be produced by Graham T comprising programme, menu, toasts,
     photographs, list of attendees, sundry pictures. Menu to be determined in time for Graham to produce the

e. Guests and invitations:

          Mr and Mrs Temple

          Mr and Mrs McCall

          Mr Stanley

          Mr and Mrs Wilson

          Mr and Mrs Oberman          

f.  Dress code Lounge suit/Jacket and trousers

g. Format of the evening:

   Meet and greet members of the committee

   Call to dinner Chris (also act as MC for the evening)

Probable Menu:

                      Prawn Cocktail (Soup/Melon as an option)
                                                 * * * *
                     Roast Turkey
                     2 Potatoes. 3 Veg
                                               * * * *
                                              * * * *
                     Cheese & Biscuits
                                           * * * *

   Grace Mr Temple 

    Loyal Toast TBA

    Toast to the school - TBA

    Response TBA (Mr Temple or Mr Oberman)

   Absent friends Chris or A N Other, leading into

    Personal reminiscences need to get a few people prepared

    Musical entertainment Roy to coordinate.


Robert to draw up a list of hotels in the locality and investigate the use of a meeting room and the possibility of special rates.

Financial matters

a. 10 deposit has been collected. We will not provide wine with the dinner so as to keep the overall cost to below

b. David Spencer is looking after the finances but will not open a special bank account.

 Date of next Committee meeting.

 Friday 2 September at 11.30 Old Grammarians, Oxford Str..

Meal and reunion at The Masonic Hall, Mill Road, Wellingborough.   In the picture on the right above, we are standing in the Hall;  the screen behind Robert Gibson is used simply to adjust the size of the room.  The caterer at the Hall will do veggie meals if ordered in advance and similarly will provide an alternative if someone does not eat the chosen main course and wants an alternative - e.g. chicken instead of beef.  He does not have the catering facilities to offer everyone a choice of meals.

The Masonic Hall can be found using the Map
Adjacent to the Masonic Arms is 'The Rising Sun' (Corner of Cannon Street and Mill Rd), see Right


The Deputy Headmaster of the Wrenn School has agreed, in principle, to our visiting WGS on Saturday the 19th.  Final details will have to wait till nearer the date because Saturday is clearly a busy time for them and there may be problems with car parking.  Something that I'm sure we can solve by meeting up first somewhere else - that's it, we'll have a day trip to WGS - but "remember that you have to wear school uniform on a school trip!"

Questionnaire responses:

  Need Accommodation Can Offer Accommodation Will Bring A Partner    Just Our Year! Year above and below Anyone
Yes 8 4 18   9 10 9
?? 3 3 3        
No 33 39 24