1965 Panorama  

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This copy of the 1965 Panorama was photographed  from the original at the OGs.  If you could send me a scanned copy I would be able to create better form photographs (see earlier panoramas).  This is the first  panorama to be photographed outside the quadrangle

One weakness of the panorama is that the what would have been rows 7 and 8 have, in practical terms, merged.  Certainly, I found it impossible

to number the 'heads' in two rows, so this time, I've had to squeeze all the numbers into a single row, and use colours to distinguish between alternates.. If you send me identifications , please state whether 'back row left' or 'back row right'

The second weakness is the number of boys who have 'successfully' managed to hide much of their face behind the boy in front!