Panoramic Photograph taken in 1958

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Text Box: Panorama 2           Panorama 3   
Text Box: Panorama 2           Panorama 3   
I have divided the panorama into 3 photographs and placed them on separate pages so that it doesn't take too long to load each.   Most of the boys in the third, fourth fifth and sixth forms  have now been identified. 
Forms:   First   Second   Third   Fourth   Fifth   Sixth  Unidentified pupils , in 1955 First Form
To help identify the boys, I've placed numbers on the blazers of all the boys.   Panorama 1 (below)   to see boys on the right click:    Panorama 2        Panorama 3    e mail me at if you can provide any names (with class if possible) on the Key to 1958 Panorama