Organising the Reunion    (Numbers identified come from 1955 reunion)


Finding People:   

1.    Use a magazine to obtain a list of all the boys in the specified year/class.

2.    Use Friends Reunited (identified 14 boys).  Most of these were identified directly, but a few were identified using by contacting others with the same surname (brothers/cousins).  Some Old Grammarians, gave their e-mail addresses on the nostalgic WGS site:  Graham Tall now has a substantive e-mail address list  on his site contact him at

3.    Local Knowledge=7 identified

4.    Local Telephone Directory=4 identified
5.    As they were contacted, the WGS Boys themselves identified 35 others.

6.    Use of the press: Evening Telegraph =3 identified

7.    National Data Banks:  National Electoral Role =5  Consider National Telephone Numbers.  Only useful when both names are unusual.

8.    Search of the net = 6 identified

9.    Family=1 identified

10.  Use OG lists - for 1940s reunion they provided names of all members who started a particular year.

i.e Use O.G's,  local lads, Friends Reunited and two web sites to obtain the first tranche.

Local and national telephone directories, electoral rolls and Google searches.  The major source of new names are  the boys already found, many will know one or two other lads...  surprisingly, 1955 didn't find many using the Old Grammarians - probably because we didn't request help from them until we had exhausted local contacts - or the email lists of other reunions (younger brothers etc.).

Other reunions have used searching organizations (found in newspapers).  SAGA could be used to advertise the  reunion - but adds to cost.   


Having a committee

Tremendous  value from setting up a committee.

Psychological support.  Jobs shared around:  1955  initial contact after possible identification left to David Spencer who also kept detailed lists of names, questionnaire sent by Graham Tall after firm identification.  Robert Gibson considered possible Halls\hotels for meeting place and possible places for accommodation.  Planning the reunion (different members have different ideas - recreating a school band, 1955 reunion used David Wilson as a speaker, Robert Gibson knew that David and Richard Oberman had an amusing presentation on the school.)   Finding old boys - the task was shared out.  Evening Telegraph -Paul Robinson, Peter Clark and David Spencer as local contact numbers.   Memento search - Roy Pettit  to present a variety of alternatives.    Roy Pettit kept regular contact with those without e-mail.  Graham Tall took on a web page.....  Chris Talbot to take the Chair at meetings and organised seating at top table.  Graham Chapman organised seating of old boys.  Roy Pettit worked on decorating the room.  But more - meeting provided stimulation, commitment and fun!

1956  Richard Bryan organiser, contacted people, John Rivett organised Tithe Barn,  Memento organised by Terry Strickland.


Use of regular communication to keep people in touch

 (web, 1955:  Roy Pettit's postings, regular e-mails and newsletters from David Spencer; 1956 did something similar)


Where to Meet and where to Stay


Kettering Park Hotel was used by the 1952 reunion.                

The school dining room was used by 1967 reunion                               Probably Free  need to organise meals/bar

The Masonic Hall was used by 1955 reunion.                                       Free if organised by a Mason

The Tithe Barn was used by 1956 reunion   01933 231741                  261 in 2006   need to organise meals/bar

The Castle Theatre was used by the Forties Reunion


Accommodation:   The costs of various hotels where a meal could be held varied widely, some requiring a substantial deposit. 

Kettering Park Hotel per person  May be reductions for large party.

01536   416666

Bed & Breakfast Dinner
Single Person        November 2008 87  32
Shared 2 people   November 2008  No room Hire Charge 62  


Below costs in 2005:

Hind Hotel Sheep Street

01933  222827

10 Single, 12 Double, 10 Twin

Single                      50.00

Double / Twin         65.00

Including Breakfast

Reduced rates by 5 if we book 20 rooms

Can use a meeting room

Columbia Hotel Oxford Street

 (01933) 229333

6 Single, 14 Double, 12 Twin

Single                      37.50

Double                    60.00

Twin                        65.00

Including Breakfast

Can use a room

 Dog & Duck (Premier Travel Inn) (01933) 278606

London Road

22 Single, 20 Double, 10 Twin

Any Room               46.95

Breakfast extra  -   4.95pp Continental       -   6.95pp English

May negotiate for bulk booking

Ibis Hotel Enstone Court, Wilby Way  (01933) 228333

0 Single, 37 Double, 22 Twin

Any Room                36.95

Breakfast extra - 4.95pp

Continental - no English 

No negotiation on rates 

Euro Hotel Midland Road

(01933) 228761

3 Single, 6 Double, 4 Twin

Single                      35.00

Double                    42.00

Twin                        44.00

Including Breakfast

Oak House Hotel

Broad Green  01933 271 133

4 Single, 4 Double, 6 Twin

Single                      50.00

Double / Twin         65.00

Including Breakfast

May negotiate for bulk booking


From our information, relatively few of our members wanted to stay in a Hotel,  most of our members were either local, had local accommodation contacts or booked  their own accommodation.  Local boy recommended above hotels and 1955  left it to people to find their own - 1955 decided to use the Old Grammarians to meet (50 to book room per day) at non-meal times.


 Euro hotel I went, pleasant room and good breakfast; about 6 (according to Roches) used Dog and Duck, presumably a few (incl Graham Chapman) used Hind).  A major fact in keeping down cost of our reunion was using the Masonic Hall for the event, plus usefulness of Old Boys in Oxford street for committee meetings and on reunion day (cheap filling meals etc.).


Sources of  mementos - John Garley  for 1952

                                        Roy Pettit     for 1955                       Whisky Glass (adorned with Rose and dates)    See photos of reunion

                                                                 1956                       Paper weight  (adorned with Rose and dates)    See photos of reunion

                                                                 1967                        Specially designed tie