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1956 one:  A double attempt at the same time - some OGs clearly couldn't stop giggling - so you have double the opportunity of naming names!

Who's going to provide me with names: 

Rugby Old Boys - 1 ??= 1 unidentified person

3rd. Row (double) ??,??,??,??,??,??,??,Alan Rudd,??,??,??,??,??,Derek Haynes,??,Don Stratton

2nd. Row :-??, Frank Fair,??,??,Gus Glover,,??,??

Front Row:- ??,??,W.K.W.Abbott,??,??,??,Don Burton


1956 two


1957 A more formal picture with Mr. Nicholas at the centre.

4th.Row :-A. Rudd, A. Bird, ??, ??, F. Fair, ??, ??, W. Abbott.

3rd. Row :-??, ??, ??,(Gus) Glover, C.  Mc Call, ??, ??, ??, D Stratton

2nd. Row :-R. Titmuss, M, Knowles, K. Bond,  P. Smith,  Nicholas, J. Darnell, ??, Cross?,

Front Row :- Sturgess, (Puj) Brown, R. Bridgford,??