Memories of one boys' experience of his teachers - Alan Rudd (1943)


A few reminiscences of my schooldays whilst I think of them :

Mr (Duke) Atherton

Mr (Joe) Findley

Mr (Sam) Harris

Mr Nicholas

Mr (Chunky) Pine

Mr Wrenn


Mr (Duke) Atherton in answer to something I had said, though I`ve no recollection of that, said "RUDD men have been shot before breakfast for less than that". I very much enjoyed the lightness of his control over us.


Mr (Joe) Findley when he knew that I had failed to do my Maths homework said

"The trouble with you Rudd is YOUR`E  FAT AND LAZY".I  believe it changed my life but not because of the slippering that went with it.


Tony Tailor and I were moving in opposite directions towards the swing doors near one end of the changing rooms and that`s where we met, he, with his hand on a glass pane.Where my hand went I just don`t know, the glass pane was broken and his hand received several cuts. Later we  were both caned by Mr Wrenn.


Another caning I received from him together with several other members of the Boy`s Brigade resulted from our enthusiasm for Part Singing Methodist hymms on Sunday after Church on the bench at the top of the steps in Eastfield  Park which unfortunately disturbed Don Burtonís father who lived on the other side of Gold Street.  He spoke to us about it and must have put in a complaint.


The "prefab" classrooms were very adequately heated, each with a tall cylindrical coke burning stove and it was discovered that one could produce masses of glass fibres from the bottom of the stove by adding an empty free milk bottle in at the top.  Better still it was possible to produce a lasting foul and horrible stench by pouring the milk in at the top.


I felt very unjustly treated by Mr Nicholas who called me to the common room and wanted to know why I had no Rugby boots. It might possibly have been lack of  available cash, my father was away in the R.A.F., but I told him there were no available clothing coupons .His right hand crashed immediately on my Face and the door was shut against me. The feeling

remains to this day.


Mr (Sam) Harris used to keep pieces of chalk at the ready to project at anyone who gave him cause and for a short time I was able to observe him riding a spotless B.S.A. 600 sv motorcycle  presumably brand new, along  Doddington  Rd very slowly ,as though in first gear, which surprised me in view of his character. 


My closest school companion Tony  Powis could happily start out for school at the very last minute as he only needed to climb over the school fence from his home in Croyland Road.


I embarrassed myself enormously in front of Mr (Chunky) Pine when I explained to him my reason for not being able swim that day was my mother`s warning never to put on a wet bathing costume.

                        Alan Rudd (1943)