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1.    The origin of the planets
2.    Old Grammarian Gossip
An amusing piece from '50 years Wellingborough Old Grammarians Association'

The origin of the planets:
I remember being told the that the origin of the planets was caused by a star rushing past, pulling out a mass of matter which because of gravitational effects  was larger in the middle than at the two ends.  This then split up to form the planets (from the sun): Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, the asteroids, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto  (Graham Tall, 1955):

Newspaper cutting: Miss Bavin's scrapbook p.235 entitled: Were all the planets created in 12 hours?     
Dr. Woolfson thinks that in the beginning there was the sun alone in space.  But then an enormous star 100 times the size of the sun, rushed out of the emptiness  at something like 225,000 miles an hour.
It passed close to the sun and its gravitational pull sucked the molten face of the sun up into a wave like water  sucked up by a water spout.  Eventually a complete lump of the sun was pulled off.  The big star was moving too fast to collect the lump.  This thinks Dr. Woolfson was the planet Pluto.  Another lump followed and did the same.  The planet Neptune.....

Not quite identical, but near enough - Woolfson, I think, was an old boy of the school.  Anybody know if this Woolfson's theory is accepted now-a-days?

Old Grammarian Gossip    Covers from 1934-1984  Some aspects will certainly seem familiar