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The last "Memories" book in the series Mr Wrenn's School, was launched on Sunday November 24th 2013 at the Wrenn School.

Pictures have been put up, help me name those who went:   Launch Photographs.   

I can send a book in the UK for £21 incl p&p. Contact me for details for postage Europe and abroad:   

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Launch Photographs
Please name the attendees!
WGS Display at OGs

Old Grammarians meet up at quarterly dinners at Memorial Ground. 

Reunions 2014/15
None to my knowledge

 Recent re-reunions

 1952 re-reunion

 1958 Re-reunion
  Earlier Reunions: 1940s,  1945, 1952, 1954, 1955, 1956, 1958, 1967 Rugby

Help name the boys. Then find your mates.       

It‘s up to you!
All Panoramas available

Information and photos about the lads who fought in the war

In Memoriam  Overview

Please help me build up this section. 

Most boys so far are from:

The Forces (WWII)

Education, Arts and Politics


What about Industry, Retail, The Police, Agriculture etc?

Who Can You Add?


See Mr Woolley & Mr Wrenn books


Memories of WGS

Johnny Hyde


Other Sites

see all the school magazines

Mr Wrenn's School

There are now 4 books in the series.  Each book stands alone.


The first and fourth books:  'Memories and Mr Wrenn's school complement each other.  The former providing an overview, whilst the latter illustrates how Mr Wrenn managed the school

Hear Johnny speak as a 40s boy and master from 1953 to 1975

Hear Mr Wrenn speak
in the sixties
+ other podcasts  New Try

Old Grammarians
WGS Nostalgia site
The Wrenn School
WGS 1952

Mr Woolley & teaching...
In Memoriam WGS...

Oberman & D S Wilson speak local ...


Do remember, photos, memories are needed to make the site live

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