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1.   Mike Garley

2.   Rod Stratton

Mike Garley- the potted biography

Left WGS and Rushden in 1962 after A levels to work in the now defunct Commonwealth Relations Office in London (after the merger of the CRO and the Foreign Office became a diplomat - of sorts - by the back door).

Worked for Foreign and Commonwealth Office until 1977 when transferred to Dept of Health (mainly because neither of us liked the idea of sending kids to boarding school ). Overseas postings to Pakistan, Switzerland and Jamaica, the rest of the time in London and living in Kent.

Worked in Dept of Health until retirement, moving to Leeds with the Dept when a lot of it was moved to the grim North in 1992.

Retired in June 2004. Now working at a voluntary job two afternoons a week and spending the rest of my time at leisure - going on as many holidays as I can to spend the kids inheritance.

Married Margaret (nee Simpson) in 1970. Margaret died suddenly in 2001. Three children.


Rod Stratton (Upper VI 1955)

First degree and PhD at UMIST and then Lecturer at Sheffield Polytechnic / Hallam University.  My Home address is 43 Hallam Grange Road, Sheffield S10 4BH where we now enjoy retirement.