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IN mixed  views, it is evident that opinions of the school varied , some boys really hating it.  Yet, Mike Beeby (1946- ) encapsulates a view  that many would accept:  "The school had an aura of quiet discipline that enabled a shy working class waif firstly to survive, subsequently thrive and emerge well equipped to make the most of his abilities at University and in life."  

Three new reunions this year   1958 Reunion    1955 Re-Reunion   1952 reunion   1952 Entertainment   - what is going to happen in 2009?

Two specials in the 1952 reunion: Johnny Hyde's memory of 40s school days & D.Wilson & R.Oberman on Wellingborough 'dialect'

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Intro WW2 et al

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Ernie Huddart

Ivor's Rugby Reviews

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1943 Form Plays

1954 Visit to Austria

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Harold Wrenn and other Broadcasts



You may well find the report on the right interesting.  Quoted in the Times In January 2008, but originally sent in by the Grammar school's second headmaster, Mr.Woolley in January 1950.  Note, that the school he is  primarily referring to, is a public rather than a grammar school.

























An "In Memoriam"  was first put in the paper by David  Wilson with the motto:   
"Men, not walls, make a city" It was repeated, as on the right, by Howard Buchanan between 1977 and 2001






See also:  The Bengal Lancers

Placed in the Evening Telegraph the day before the summer term ended.  David Wilson was both a teacher and an old boy at the school.  Howard taught at WGS in its final years.   Memoriam quote and translation in full


Johnny Hyde is coming to the 1940s (and 30s and early 50s) reunion - what about you?  See left below


If you haven't been to the Nostalgic Wellingborough GS site  Visit it, Paul & I exchange info!


Panoramas, major help is required with 1936-1940, and 1965-74 panoramas.

Panoramas Available:       Keys         %   Named      Form Photos      Unidentified   

1930 Panorama             A Panoramic Key will be created  if a list of names is offered.

1933 Panorama             1933 Panorama Key

1936 Panorama             1936 Panorama Key     44% Named:     Please check spelling and row

1938 Panorama             1938 Panorama Key     18% Named:     A good start by two boys from that year.                

1940 Panorama             1940 Panorama Key     11% Named:     It is up to you, as yet, just fifteen  names.

1946 Panorama             1946 Panoramic Key    94% Named:            2nd    3rd    4th   5th    6th     Unidentified   Teachers

1949 Panorama             1949 Panoramic Key    91% Named  1st    2nd    3rd    4th   5th    6th     Unidentified 

1952 Panorama             1952 Panoramic Key    99% Named:   1st    2nd    3rd    4th&5th    6th     Unidentified 

1955 Panorama             1955 Panoramic Key    97% Named:   1st    2nd    3rd    4th&5th    6th     Unidentified  

1958 Panorama             1958 Panoramic Key    99% Named:   1st    2nd    3rd    4th&5th    6th     Unidentified 

1962 Panorama             1962 Panoramic Key    88% Named:   1st    2nd    3rd    4th   5th    6th     Unidentified    Staff

1965 Panorama             1965 Panoramic Key    22% Named:      It is up to you,  Almost a quarter identified

1968 Panorama             1968 Panoramic Key      7% Named:      It is up to you,

1971 Panorama             1971 Panoramic Key    15% Named:      It is up to you,

1974 Panorama             1974 Panoramic Key    36% Named:      It is up to you, Over a third now identified!


A Nice Thank you:  I think that you are now entitled to amend the main site signpost to read:

       Loads of WGS stuff from the 40's, 50's & 60's

Thank you for your efforts and keep up the good work.     John Cook (1947)


Somebody kept their School Cap! click Uniform! to remind yourself of its tasteful, practical design and remember why we were called ring worms!  If you want to see how the staff changed over the years and who smiles, click: Teachers in Panoramas



One rumour scotched: Perce Long insists that he slipped and didn't attempt to appear twice in the 1955 Panorama:

Back Row:  Seamark & Ian (Jock) Reid

Middle Row: Richard/Robert? Deacon, Perce Long (disappearing downwards) & Trevor Clarke

Front Row: David Ozier, Jim Cockerill and Graham Hobby


Later Possibility

I think it was Fred Astle who had his face on both ends of a panoramic picture.  It did happen - he received 6 of the best for it. I will check my panoramic picture to see if it's on that one. James William Tomkins   1958-



Identifying Panoramas is the latest project.   Form Lists  for  the 1940, 1946, & 1949  Panoramas are now available. 

The picture on the left was taken in 2005, but is identical to the school in ther fifties.  The picture below was taken in the thirties  - What was added later?

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   Harold, by naming the new school after him.  The original classrooms and corridors are very familiar,
   the laboratories etc. still bear the plaques of the men who opened them. Understandably, though
   sadly, the Grammar School is not mentioned but the Wrenn school's notepaper bears a very familiar image:


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