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E-mails received from the following:

Nigel Barron               Won't be coming, but hopes that it is a great success for all of us.
Malcolm Billing         
Trying to come: A Possibility
Richard Bradshaw
Sam (Phillip) Bratby
John Burton
Stephen Dobney

Michael Garley

Peter Godfrey
Bryan Larkins             Trying to come: A Possibility
David Murray             Trying to come: A Possibility
John Rawlins

John Wittering

Malcolm Billing

Dear Graham,

Thanks for your numerous emails, and apologies for my tardy response.

I would very much like to come to the reunion. However, the proposed date of 19th November could present a problem, as I am doing the lighting for a show in Irchester in November.

The date for that show has so far not been finalised, but last year's show was in the corresponding week of 15-20 November.

The answers to your questions are currently -

1. Don't know, but I would like to be kept informed.
2. Accommodation not required.
3. Even if I cannot come myself, I could probably provide accommodation for one (or a couple) form afar, if he/they are prepared to do the 60 mile/1.5 hours trip from here (Wigtoft, near Boston, Lincs).
4. Not likely to bring a partner.

I will let you know if I am able to attend on 19th November as soon as possible.



Richard Bradshaw


Dear Graham,


Thank you for your kind message. Yes, HMS Vanguard was a remarkable experience. I think we all hated it at the time but mysteriously enjoyed it in retrospect and seemed to be drawn back in the next year


The bad news is that after all it looks as if I canít come. I had fully intended to do so and it looked as if it worked well but I have had the date of a concert moved so I have to now conduct Mahler on November 18 and then start rehearsals for The Magic Flute later that weekend. So, sadly, I canít come. I think itís a terrific idea and I would love to have been there. Itís interesting that all the people I recognize from the photographs are those I played rugger and cricket with. I must have been comatose at other moments.

I really am sorry.


All best wishes,




Sam Bratby (Once known as Philip)


Thank you for the prompt message. I have taken the liberty of lifting the email addresses of the other two, so may get in touch with them separately. Regretfully I will not be able to make the reunion as I already am booked for that weekend - a great shame as I would have liked to meet some of the old faces and see what has become of us all. I am impressed with the website and spent a very happy hour working my way round it - too many memories I am afraid. Please keep me informed about further details of the reunion, you never know!

Is it really fifty years since I lived in Third Avenue and you in Berrymoor Rd.,. I hope that the attached photo will suffice.

Sam Bratby   


John Burton.

I have delayed sending you a deposit for the reunion, because just recently I have encountered problems with the date. I will only just be back in the country after a trip to South Africa and Qatar, and immediately it is 99% certain that I am required in N. Yorkshire to adjudicate a schools Public Speaking competition. Unfortunately, this is an annual commitment and this year the date has been changed. Very reluctantly, therefore, I shall have to forego the grand reunion.

 However, I wish you well for the weekend, and will want to know all about it upon return to Wellingborough.
John Burton.


Stephen Dobney


To:  Graham.Chapman

Subject: School Reunion 1955 

Hi Graham,

Thanks for the message. I am fit and well and reside in St Arvans Chepstow in South Wales. I retired from work at Christmas 2004 after  a career in magnetics covering 40 years.  During which time I was lucky  enough to become Managing Director of a Magnetics Company employing 200  people. I am still married to Pat (nee Smith) from the High School  Wellingborough, and have 2 sons and 5 grandchildren.  

I would love to attend the reunion  but have already made arrangements to visit Oz and NZ on a round the World  holiday on the date chosen. I have visited the web site set up by Graham Tall and find the information fascinating, especially the photographs.  

Congratulations to those who contributed it must have taken a lot of effort to collate it all. Best wishes,            

Steve Dobney.


Michael Garley


To:  David Spencer

Subject: School Reunion 1955 


Received your letter this morning. Yes I am the Mike Garley who was at  WGS from 1955 to 1962 (Michael A Garley incidentally - not Michael J).


Afraid that I will not be able to make 19 November as I have already bought tickets to go to something in Leeds that evening (unfortunate coincidence).  However I would be interested in being kept in touch with anything that comes out of the evening - should you decide to have another one who knows!





David Gilbert


 Regret unable to come - Wish you & ALL others a Great Re-union!!

David Gilbert


Peter Godfrey

Dear Graham

I received your e-mail through Friends Reunited and I apologise for the delay in answering. You will see from my e mail address that I live in Australia, in fact in Launceston, the second city of the State of Tasmania and have done so since the start of 1972. I will fill you in on details when you let me know if this message has got to you.

I remember you very well, in fact you used to let me borrow your bike to cycle to Wilby for our swimming lessons in P.E. What a fine fellow you were! I looked at your marvellous web page and the wonderful memories came flooding back. I would love to attend the reunion, but although I do visit the U.K. at intervals, I will not be there then. I noticed some of the names of those who will attend, and how I will miss not catching up with them again. Those early years at such a fine school have had an indestructable influence on me. We were so lucky to be together at such a time and it is only with the hindsight of the years that I can realise that.

Although having said that, one of my lasting memories is how scared I was of Jake Dunning in my first term at the school and how precise we had to be in our work and knowledge. I really saw what a fine man he was when I joined the school Scout Troup which he ran together with Mr Stanley, the music master.

Jake was a man of unimpeachable integrity who always worked hard for the boys and only really became annoyed when people fell below the standards of honesty, openess and hard work. I actually still have my exercise book from that first term, it must be a museum piece.

He must have influenced me, because when I went to London University, what did I do? Geography of course, and then spent the next 35 years teaching it.

Perhaps a little bit of Jake resides in the knowledge that some of my past pupils have now?

Please let me know if you get this message and at least I will not be an "unknown" on the list of boys on 50 years ago'

Kind regards


Dear Graham

Firstly many apologies for the long delay in contacting you again, but secondly and more importantly I want to wish everyone the best of times at the reunion. You, David and no doubt a few others have done a magnificent job in bringing people with a common experience together to share their lives once again.

The time we spent at WGS was one of those defining period in our lives, although of course we were much too young to realise it at the time. We all have a great deal to be grateful for, not least those formative years spent with really fine teachers who had seen some of the worst aspects of humanity in the World War, yet did not lose their faith in the human spirit and passed on to us their hopes for a better and more compassionate world. I hope  we have justified that faith.

I will miss not being with you all. It would have been so good to se the boys beneath the grey hair, if there is any and the wrinkles, mostly caused by merriment I am sure. I wish you and everybody associated with the reunion good luck and the most satisfying and enjoyable time at an event which is unique and which would never have taken place but for the hard work and dedication of those who have made such a Herculean effort.

Kindest regards



Bryan Larkins

Hi Graham

What a surprise to get your message via Friends Reunited concerning the 'year of 55' reunion and even more of a surprise to see the existence of the website. Goodness me that brought back some memories.

I would be very interested in attending the reunion but there is one potential fly in the ointment and that is a trip outside the UK by the wife and I at the end of the year. Our dates are not confirmed yet but I'll certainly take into account the reunion date if possible. Will let you know later if able to attend.

You were probably correct in your first message to me concerning attending a party where I used to live. To help you recall, I lived in Knox Road opposite St Marys Church and between Vivian Road and Melton Road. Am I right in thinking you lived not too far from there?

As is inevitable there were certain school colleagues who one was more friendly with than most and I was disappointed to see that the whereabouts of three of them are unknown, Lionel 'George' Bean, Roger Cobley, and Michael 'Gingerbreadman' Ginders. However, there was one person, Stephen 'Jumbo' Day, whose whereabouts does appear to be known. Anything you could provide me with to enable me to contact him would be very appreciated. The last I can recall is that he was a Police Sergeant in Northampton. I do know where Michael Ginders moved to in Suffolk and will try and find enough info so you can get in touch with him.

Sorry to be so long-winded with my reply and hope to hear from you again. Will let you know about November anyway as promised.

(please note correct spelling of Bryan, not as on website!!)

Best wishes



Dave Murray


G'day Graham et al

Sorry it's taken me so long to reply but the computer had to go in for  a grease and oil change. This reunion caper sounds like an event not to be missed, a whole weekend wallowing in nostalgia, especially as  you guys have obviously put in such a lot of hard work getting it off  the ground. I had planned to visit the UK this summer, but if I can  convince "her in doors' that November in England is not to cold then I  should be able to make it. Put me down as a probable and I'll confirm in the next month or so.   Congratulations to the organising committee.  Well done for taking on such a grand project and I hope to  see you all in November.

Cheers Dave Murray


John Rawlins

Graham, very nice to receive your email.

Apologies for the delay in replying. The reason being that I have been waiting for a date of a hip resurfacing operation.  This has now come through and has been pencilled in for the 15th November.
Hence, I will not be able to make the reunion.

I keep in touch with Brian Mason and Barry Tall and we see each other fairly frequently. I now live in Staffordshire so it is not too far away.

Thanks again    Best of luck with the weekend

John Rawlins



John Wittering


To:  David Spencer

Hi David

Yes, I am the John Wittering of the WGS 1955 intake! We now live in West Australia, so I don't think I'll be making the journey back to the UK for the reunion, but would be very interested to see any reports on the website (or receive any reports by e-mail).

How's this for coincidence? Your letter arrived at our previous address just over a year after we left and I received it despite the fact that we had cancelled the Post Office redirection service and told the new house owners to bin all correspondence, assuming that after a year only junk mail would get through. My wife just happened to go back to the UK for her niece's wedding last month, and visited our old house and the new owners, who, by chance, had kept back a couple of letters that looked as if they might not be junk mail, one of which was your letter - she's literally just returned with it.

I've just been into the website - it's superb! Congratulations to everyone who's had a part in it. I'm sure you've heard this many times, but the site brought back many memories - surprisingly most of them pleasant! I even remembered quite a few names from the photos without having to refer to the keys! You don't happen to have a list of e-mail addresses of the 1955 intake do you? I'd quite like to contact a couple of people.

All the very best for the reunion - give anyone who may vaguely remember me my very best wishes.

Two questions for a quiz of you have one at the reunion, or for general reminiscing if you don't:

1. Who was the boy who, when Beerie Ward in an Economics class said: "When I was in the war . . . ", asked "Which war was that, sir?"

2. Who, after arguing with Harold Wrenn about some aspect of career choice (he wanted to be an engineer) was described by the headmaster as "short, fat and aggressive"? If Alan Palmer attends (it wasn't Alan, by the way) he's not allowed to answer!

By the way I think the unidentified boy (5-38) in the 1955 panorama may be Alan Jackson - like me he came from Ringstead, the back of beyond and probably the furthest outpost of the WGS area. We travelled in on the train every day (cycling a mile to the station at Ringstead, then, after the train journey, walking a mile or so from the station at Wellingborough - London Road Station mind, not the one in town! - what dedication!). If you compare the boy at 8-8 in the 1952 panorama, there's a definite likeness.

Kind regards


John Wittering

2 Currawong Drive

Gooseberry Hill

Western Australia 6076