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School in those days was a very happy place ,more so in the 6 form.  I J Nicholas and H A Wrenn were very influential the former for Rugby the latter for pushing our years to try for places at Oxford and Cambridge.  Its not supposed to mean so much these days.  However for a Grammar School started in 1931 it was exceptional. Gerald Neville (1946)

Harold Wrenn - I suffered so many strokes from his cane I lost count but he made an impression on me in a more positive way.   Roland Sewell  (1956)

I was also a proud victim of Mr. Wrenn's scissors on speech day, when he cut of my sideburns. Paul "Squatter" Scroxton  (1965)

The recording of Harry Wrenn is amazing - I always remember him teaching me German for a short time without any semblance of German pronounciation! (he also said that the Germans are a gullible race and that explained the rise of Hitler!) On a more commercial note he also told us at the beginning of the sixth form that getting "A" levels meant earning more money in later life, he was very practical and straightforward - when I went to seek his advice on me doing VSO (I wanted to travel the world), he effectively queried why I wanted to do it and advised me to get my qualifications and work abroad in my chosen career and earn some money at the same time! (This is indeed what happened and I worked in Canberra for 5 years as a quantity surveyor 1980-1985).       Jonathan Elderton (1968-75)


Plays presented by Dramatic Society at the School in 1964