Richard Cowley     1956 to 1961              prime source John Cook (1947)


RICHARD COWLEY is a retired member of the Northamptonshire Police, which he joined in 1970, and from which he was pensioned in 1995.


Born in Finedon, in Northamptonshire, England, he attended Wellingborough Grammar school between 1956 and 1961 before becoming an apprentice compositor. After periods in estimating and production planning, he ultimately became a typographer, and still retains a keen interest in printing history and typography.


In 1970 he joined the then Northampton and County Constabulary. Always remaining in the north of the county, he served in large towns, small villages, desk jobs and specialised squads, and along the way picked up his interest in police, legal and criminal history.

He gained an BA in Modern History from the Open University, and then went on to gain an MA in Victorian Studies from Leicester University.

His first book, Policing Northamptonshire 1836-1986 gave him a taste for writing, and over 30 magazine and newspaper articles followed.   Click here: Richard Cowley's History of Her Majesties Inspectorate of Police

Now released from being a "wage-slave" Richard combines his love of history with that of his native county and spends his time compiling, researching and taking photographs for his books. His recent books include Guilty M'Lud The Criminal History of Northamptonshire and Who's Buried Where in Northamptonshire. He is currently working on books about Criminal Homicide in Northamptonshire, and the Inspectors of the Constabulary in England and Wales 1856-2000.

Richard lives in Kettering, Northamptonshire, and has two daughters and a grandson.