Lyle Abbott - WGS 1957-1962 

I left the WGS in 1962 and for all the years up to 2005 I pursued a career in Engineering and Sales up until my retirement.


Apart from my job and protracted periods travelling within the UK and Europe , I was (and still am) a member of the Scout Association..  I joined when I was 11 years old and after becoming a Leader at 18 – I served continuously and eventually as Group Scout Leader at Irthlingborough for more than 20 years.


In 2008, (the year of Irthlingborough Scouts 100th Anniversary), the Chief Scout (Peter Duncan) Awarded the ’Silver Wolf’ to me for my services over the 50-year period.  I was honoured to be one of the minority of Leaders Worldwide to be given this Award and I received it from the HM Lord Lieutenant in April 2008 and then was received at Windsor Castle for the Annual St. George’s Day Service at St.George’s Chapel..


Naturally, I was both surprised and delighted to feel that my services had been recognized with the Movement’s Highest Award.


I was in 1st Irthlingborough Scouts but had strong connections with the 6th Wellingborough (Grammar School) Scouts later when I was District Scout Leader in the 1970’s. 

I knew Mr.Dunning very well as he was Wellingborough Scouts’ District President in his years after retirement.

  Currently, I live for the most part in Spain and have recently helped to establish a joint Scout and Guide Group in Murcia for mainly British ex-patriate children.   That’s me…….


Silver Wolf

Since its inception by Robert Baden-Powell, the Silver Wolf has remained the "unrestricted gift of the Chief Scout" although "County Commissioners and overseas Chief Scouts may submit recommendations to Scout Headquarters."

During the early years of the development of the Scout Movement throughout the world, it was the practice of the Founder, Lord Baden-Powell, to give the Silver Wolf to Scouters in any country who had done outstandingly valuable work for the Movement.

The award was of course highly valued, but it began to be realized that the Silver Wolf was a British Scout decoration, even though it was given by the Chief Scout of the World. Accordingly in 1934 the Bronze Wolf award was created as the only award made by the World Scout Committee.

The Silver Wolf worn by Robert Baden-Powell is handed down the line of his successors, with the current Chief Scout, Bear Grylls wearing this original award.   (Source:  Wikipedia  - similar information provided in various scout web sites)