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A Nice Thank you:  I think that you are now entitled to amend the main site signpost to read:

                                                       Loads of WGS stuff from the 40's, 50's & 60's

                                                                           Thank you for your efforts and keep up the good work.     John Cook (1947)


 have just spent a happy hour browsing through your very comprehensive web-site. Not being a computer buff myself I have every admiration at the way you have put it together. I think I have read just about everything on it, but am a little disappointed that I couldn't find any reference to me on the prize-giving day when Sir Alexander Fleming presented the prizes. I could have sworn that it was his illustrious hand that gave me my "Biggles" book for having come top in something or other.

 I was also disappointed that I didn't appear on the photograph taken outside the Norwegian hotel. This being my own fault inasmuch that I had put my name down for the trip, but then foolishly left school to start work. As a result my father wouldn't let me go. I had to make do with the hectic overnight trip to the World Fair in Brussels. As I am on the subject of school trips, I have been looking through some of my old "stuff" and have found the collective passport for the Italian trip in 1956. I must have won it some way or other.      Would you like a copy to post on your site?  Let me know, and I will send you a copy.

Reading the Drama competition page you mention two plays that stick in your mind. I think the one about the sinking submarine was "Morning Departure" and gave one David Frost his first major acting role.

Oh! and yes I do appear on your web-site having found me on the 1955 Panorama photo, a copy, for some reason that I didn't purchase.   Geoff Parnell (1952 intake)    27 July 2005

       I have looked up the web site and have spent a fascinating and very enjoyable hour and a half down memory lane! I really must stop now for lunch!!

      I was able to recall so much of names and stories from my time at WGS and found my photograph on the 1946 panorama, Row 7, number 8! and I was surprised how many of my school chums I recognised - and how many I could name (mostly surnames!)

     Time prevents me from giving much detail at this time but I will spend more time checking the site. Main initial memories recalled are of Miss Bavin and the teachers - lots of memories there. I remember the first trips from the school and going to Hampton Court Palace and Dovedale. They were big expeditions in those days! I was reminded of the first day ritual and the lining up of kit bags as we new boys nervously entered the playground to be hit over the head by these loaded bags - boots at the bottom! I worked for the Northants Assn of Youth Clubs from 1967 to 1974 when Eddie Phillips ran the youth club at Mill Road Baptist Church in Wellingborough and he invited me to the School Speech Day in 1972 when David Frost was the special guest and it was good to see the photo of that day on the site.

     By the way I was a Rushden Stag!!   Jim Richardson (1942? )

I've just been into the website  - it's superb!  Congratulations to everyone who's had a part in it.  I'm sure you've heard this many times, but the site brought back many memories - surprisingly most of them pleasant!   I even remembered quite a few names from the photos without having to refer to the keys!    John Wittering (1955)   October 2005

First may I say well done for a truly fantastic school website, I just found it having been recommended by Dave Craddick.  I have viewed the 1955 panorama and see that at Row 4 spot 60 you have a question mark against my name R Brown.   This is correct well identified!   Thanks for a great site I will spend many happy hours viewing it .   Roger Brown (1954)  December 2005

Thanks for a great site about the old grammar school.    Peter Stock (1958)   December 2005

Dear Graham,

   What can I say about this photo in spite of the delay in responding.  I was bowled over when I first saw it, scanning along the lines of faces and then finding my image there.  It was a strange feeling, somehow I was back there with my school friends and the masters although I knew it was all years ago.  Who was it said that the past is another country and that people do things differently there?  Anyway looking at the Key I think that I can add a little.

4/30  Bob Leslie, 4/31         McCall, 4/33  Ken Wesley ( David is his younger brother), 8/39  Bob Shawley, 6/33          Linnel, 4/34          Lord, 7/42  Dave Pratt, 3/8    P.B. Smith, 6/25  Graham Surridge, 6/27  D.S. Law, 4/28  M.J.C. Martin, 4/29  P.E. Tompkins


 On a different tack have your researches picked up anything about the Harvest Camps which were arranged in the immediate post-war period ( prime mover Jake Dunning) for those having sat their School Certs or Higher S.C.s?  I went to the one at Evesham in 46 and Wallingford in 48. If pressed I suppose I could remember some more about them!


                                                                                            Michael King

Just found your fantastic Grammar School site, wonderful memories! My name is Paddy Gallagher and I was at the school from 1961 to 1966.

I've had a great evening looking through your WGS pages - it's brought back some great memories.

I have some old Mags which I will look up to stimulate some memories for your pages. Also, in the mid 60's, there was a fencing club.

I'll mail you again soon

Best wishes and thanks for the work you have put in to creating this site. You can have a couple of 'goods' for it !

Rod Parkinson


My name is Michael Pettitt, and I was at the school from 1949 to 1954.

In the two relevant panoramas, I was pleased to see myself easily, and, of course, many recognisable classmates.

I was seated in row 2-number 8 in1949,and in row 7-number 69, in 1952.

It was fascinating to see all those amazing characters; The Masters!  What a great couple of hours, scanning those marvellous photographs!  It was like opening a long-time buried time capsule, and I shall treasure them, in my computer and on disc, for ever.

I would like to thank you for all the time and effort that you must have poured into this project.    Mike Pettitt     October 29th. 2006


My sister picked up on your website a few days ago and passed the information on to me.

First of all I would like to congratulate you on an excellent site, well set out and easy to navigate.

My name is Richard Flawn and on the 1952 panorama I'm in position 7.56, form 3A.

After leaving WGS in 1955, I worked for 5 years at the RAE wind tunnels near Bedford and carried on studying for ONC and HNC Applied Physics. This was done at Kettering Tech and Leicester College of Technology. During that time I met up with Malcolm Peet (3A) 7.52 and Dave Patchett (3B) 6.29 who were working at SATRA house in Kettering.

I played rugby for the old boys for a couple of years but had to give it up after fracturing my tailbone. I can add one more name to the 1958/59 old boys rugby photo and that is Colin Cross (2nd row - far right). Colin played for the Saints Colts once or twice before reverting back to the OB's.

Thanks again for bringing back some pleasant school memories: it was great to see the faces and names of the 3rd form of 1952.  Richard Flawn   November 10th 2006