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Chunky Pine:  There was an apocryphal story that his short stature resulted from his feet being blown off during the war, then re-attached minus a portion of his legs! Unlikely. But I remember his motorbike. He took us for swimming over at Wilby. Those of us that normally travelled in by United Counties were supposed to cycle in instead on swimming days, so as to then be able to cycle over to Wilby. If we failed to cycle in, the choice was between walking to Wilby or hoping for a lift with his motorbike. Since he had rather a large sidecar attached, he could normally manage one on the pillion and two in the sidecar. With him 'driving' kitted out in goggles, white helmet and long riding coat. Without his lift, the walking option gave about 5 minutes in the pool before having to change and walk back again    Paul Robinson, 1955

A superb teacher of Physics who had a most wonderful sense of humour. A truly lovable little guy!    Tim Kearsley  (1973).

The only master I can remember is Chunky Pine, who regularly thwacked me with his bunson burner tube, Clive "Dixie" Dean (1964)      Click for another  negative perception

In 1950 an article in the paper reported:
While Mr.C.A.Pine, physical training master at Wellingborough Grammar School was swimming in Wilby Lido during the week-end, he saw a boy dive in the deep end and get into difficulties.  Within a few seconds, Mr. Pine had rescued him and brought him to the edge of the pool.  The boy was none the worse for his adventure.

Square Dancing:

From folk/square dancing days there are three photos; one shows Dad and Mum quite well; the other two I believe are joint WGS/ High School events..  Eventually resulting in a visit to the Albert Hall with the English Folk Dance and Song Society.   Robert Pine

We have always been looking for something to help shy boys to mix more easily with girls" said the grammar school headmaster Mr.H.A.Wrenn.  "The we thought of square dancing which doesn't put the boy in the embarrassing position of having to ask a girl to dance.  Mr. C.A.Pine, the school's physical training instructor said that about 50 boys meet about 50 girls for dancing once a week after school, between 4.00 and 5.45 pm.  Occasionally there is a later "social evening" with party games.
There are no rules for the club.....If boys like to escort girls home they may.  They are all well-behaved and we never have complaints.          Newspaper cutting 1950/51   

I knew Chunky 'called' at Square Dancing - because I regularly went - why didn't I know of this club - when did it stop? Graham Tall (1955)


War Years      Chunky front row, centre


Above:  Dad worked initially as a Physical Training Instructor keeping RAF air and ground crew fit and I believe later he was involved in teaching some of the basics of radar to operators.   In the attached photos you will see a couple of lab shots from the wartime radar teaching labs (a bit geeky but reminiscent of some WGS labs) and a picture of Dad with other RAF colleagues.  

In addition to the Wilby lido epics Dad was also a qualified Swimming Coach at National level and coached a lot of young swimmers around the County.

Information from Robert Pine  / Chunky junior


Photograph on the right is  of Dad in uniform with Mum (Margaret) on their wedding day.