Memories and More Memories of Wellingborough Grammar School:  Mr Woolley and the War Years
by Graham and David Tall

4 Memories books

Memories of W.G.S.

         Woolley Book

Letter Book

Mr Wrenn's School



Foreword: Mr Hyde

WGS Web Intro WW2

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These books can be bought from three outlets in Northamptonshire:

The OG's club house in Oxford Street Wellingborough  

The Wellingborough Museum at Dulleys Baths, Adjacent to the Castle Theatre 

Northamptonshire Libraries.


The alternative is to buy from the Authors who will post the books (cost given below).  In all such cases please inform me immediately by letter or e-mail to and supply your name and address.:  

1.   Payment by cheque or Bank transfer.

2.   If you have a Paypal account, direct payment to 

3.   If you live abroad it appears to be cheaper to use web sites such as Hifx than bank transfers: :    


4.   Use a bank transfer   Contact me for details at


We have tried to be fair with calculating the costs including postage.  In the UK, for example, the price including postage is not much  more than the cover price of the two books (indeed, if both books are posted the additional cost is only just over a £1.


Costs ie book purchase plus postage and packing.

  UK Europe Airmail World Air Mail World Sea Mail
‘Letters’ book £11.00 £12.50 £14.00 £12.50
‘Mr. Woolley’book  £16.00  £20.00 £24.00 £20.00
Both books £26.00 £29.50 £36.50 £30.00


If you live outside of Europe you  must, of course, tell me how you want the books posted.


The ‘Letters’ soft back (£9.95) may seem over-priced compared to the ‘Woolley’ hardback (£14.95) but, the printing costs of the two books were remarkably similar.  The hardback was not much more expensive because 500 copies were printed compared to just 200 copies of the soft back.  With the original Memories book – which was aimed at a wider audience –  1000 copies were printed.  About 100 remain unsold.

Obviously, we would appreciate comments on the book(s).