Memories and More Memories of Wellingborough Grammar School
by David and Graham Tall

4 Memories books

Memories of W.G.S.

Woolley Book

Letter Book

Mr Wrenn's School


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Four books have been written and published by the authors on Wellingborough Grammar School.  To discover more about the books click on the title below.  

Copies can be bought in Northamptonshire from:  Old Grammarians, Oxford Street; Wellingborough Museum, Dulles Baths; Northamptonshire Libraries

Postal copies can be obtained from the webmaster contact:   

Costs in the UK including p&p are as follows:

Memories of WGS: 21; Mr Wrenn's School: 21; Mr Woolley: 16; Letters to Mr Woolley 11:  

Memories of WGS + Mr. Woolley & Letters 41;  Mr Wrenn's School + Mr. Woolley & Letters 41:   Mr. Woolley & Letters:  25.50

All Four books: 75.                                  I am very happy to post copies abroad

Memories of Wellingborough Grammar School   

HB  17.95    2006

Mr Woolley and the War Years

HB  206pp   14.95  2012

Letters to Mr Woolley

in the War Years

PB  126pp  9.95  2012

Mr Wrenn's School

HB  352pp 17.95 2013