Memories and More Memories of Wellingborough Grammar School
by David and Graham Tall

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Memories of Wellingborough Grammar School  17.95 (to buy contact

By David and Graham Tall


Photos taken at the Launch

If you took any photos please send us a copy; if you can name any individuals in the shots, please tell me.

Top montage, individual photographs lower down

The school and Hall started filling up even before the official opening time of 1.00.  As this general view of the old Hall (now library) shows, conversations, and book buying started early.

David Tall and David Wilson discuss arrangements about the organisation of the room for the launch presentation.

John Garley comments on identifying Panorama names.

Some of the displays in the Hall.

Ricky Wrenn looks at the poster on his father.

By the window, book signing is taking place.

The Launch starts and Sir Bruce Liddington states how much he enjoyed the school.

Geoff Cooksey, a teacher in the fifties, gives the master's view.

Above:  Ricky Wrenn described how much he enjoyed reading the book and how much he thought his father would have liked it.  He then told us of why his father entered teaching and that after retirement  he worked as  a solicitor's clerk.

Right:  Joe Keep, the oldest contributor to the book - read his vignette.

David Wilson, buys numerous copies of the books for all and sundry!

Fred (John) Nutt and David Wilson have their copies signed.

After the launch a photo of mostly 1952ers with the authors.

Daniel Tall, with his mother Jane, ensuring the computer is disconnected.

Daniel and his Uncle Andrew - Graham Tall's son.

If you took any photos of the event, or can name any individuals in the shots, please let us know and provide a copy.