Memories and More Memories of Wellingborough Grammar School:

     Mr Wrenn's School    by Graham and David Tall


The Launch of Mr Wrenn's School was on  24th November 2013 at The Wrenn School.  To discover more about the books click on the title below.

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Mr Wrenn's School   HB  352pp £17.95 2013      The book is available in Northants from:  OGs Club, Oxford Street, Wellingborough Museum and Northants Libraries.   I will post the Wrenn school book to the UK for £21 incl p&p; 

Contact  for details re postage Europe and abroad:  

This book complements and completes the first book we published on Wellingborough Grammar School.  With both books the story of the school in the post war period becomes evident.  Together they illustrate the achievements of a Grammar school; How it took boys from a working class environment and completely transformed their future.  It exemplifies a meritocratic society.

The book focuses on the post-war years of Wellingborough Grammar School, under the headship of Mr Wrenn who took up up his appointment in January 1946 and guided the evolution of the school until it was re-organised to become part of the comprehensive school named after him in Summer 1975

Mr Wrenn expanded the sixth form, particularly in science, so that the school could compete on favourable terms with public schools that focussed more on the arts and classics. He encouraged his teachers to use their individual  interests to provide boys with liberal activities in clubs and societies that enriched their experience.

This book provides information on all the masters, who worked under Mr. Wrenn and details how various organisations within the school, such as the Prefect system, the Tuck Shop and other aspects were part of a self-perpetuating structure that were under the total control of the Headmaster.

Finally, the book attempts to describe the range of careers of the old boys, considering the 'famous' David frost and Richard Bradshaw and the many successful educationalists, professionals and industrialists who gained their education at this small County Grammar School.

In every way, this period of the school’s history was very much Mr. Wrenn’s School.