Memories and More Memories of Wellingborough Grammar School:

     Mr Wrenn's School    by Graham and David Tall

The Launch of Mr Wrenn's School was on  24th November 2013 at The Wrenn School.  To discover more about the books click on the title below.

If you can identify 'boys' in the photos, please tell me:

4 Memories books

Memories of W.G.S.

Woolley Book

Letter Book

Mr Wrenn's School


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Launch Photographs one

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Launch Transcript

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At the bottom of the the page are photos taken at the Wellingborough Library signing and at the OGs Christmas Diner


054  Graham's Grandson Benjamin running around the Hall

052   audience Steve and Hilary Hamilton can also be seen in 085, 3 rows behind Richard Huddart easily spotted again because of her black-rimmed glasses and Steve the tall guy on her left (right in the pic). In front of Hilary are Peter Kennel and Gerald Lees (side on).    085

055 Last minute chats From Left:  Laurence Joyce , Peter Kennel, Gerald Lees and  David Wilson        078

058 Graham and David Tall listening to Ricky Wrenn             096

056 Ricky Wrenn describing his father              088

See Launch Transcript Later

057 David Wilson talking about the book               098

See Launch Transcript Later

060 Audience listening intently at Book Launch               103

062 Brian-Clayton-Describing School Achievements   105

See Launch Transcript Later

064 Enjoying the Launch                     100

068 Audience listening                      102

066 Graham Concludes the Launch.  Thanking all those who gave him information for their help.            107

070 A last look at the Memories                         121

072 Brian Tanner chatting with Paul Coleman. John Wheeler, also class of 1958, is in the background".   113

074 A last minute check on unidentified boys               P181

076 Deep discussion                                         120

078 Howard Buchanan  speaking to                 115

080 Graham speaking to John Garley at the winding down                      130

082 Howard Buchanan talking to Martin Percy              128

084 Howard Buchanan talking to Martin Percy             129

086 Howard Buchanan chatting to Richard Huddart    079

088 Martin Layton chatting away               122

090 Getting ready to go home   Closest to camera (with back to it!) is Steve Hamilton and wife Hilary (glasses).  180

092 Mark Darnell, last head boy, and buyer of 3 different Memories Books speaking to Steve Cheasman                 116

094 Ricky Wrenn and sister Lynn chatting to Roy Catling and Martin Layton 119

David's wife Sue and my wife Stephenie gave us massive support in writing and launching the Memories books. On the day, - even though my son's were taking the photographs' only Sue's picture was taken.

Thanks too to Jonathan, Andrew, Philip, Robin, Jane, Sarah and, of course, baby Benjamin!


096 -Sue-Job-Finished-090


098 Roy Pettit and Graham at the end of the Book Launch                                              127

Wellingborough Library Book Signing    David Tall and Ricky Wrenn              

Wellingborough  Library Book Signing Terry Blunts family and Barry Larkin (1955) and his wife

Right:  OG's Xmas Dinner  At the front table

Left:  John Garley, David Tall and ????

Right:  Roy Pettit, Allan Buckby and David Spencer

32 copies of Mr Wrenn's School were sold.  

Incidentally, OGs who didn't attend really missed out.

Dinner - almost 90 members attended at the OG Memorial sports ground:

Starter :           Pate with salad and small glass of Port

Main Course:  Turkey, roast and new potatoes, brussels and carrots

Dessert:           Christmas Pudding

Cheese:            As much cheese as you could possibly eat (selected from several varieties)

Coffee:             Coffee and Mint

                        Mince Pie   

Price:                15


The OG Dinners take place quarterly on the second Tuesday of December, March, June and September.  Excellent beer, good company.  If you come alone, come and chat!