Memories and More Memories of Wellingborough Grammar School:

     Mr Wrenn's School    by Graham and David Tall

The Launch of Mr Wrenn's School was on  24th November 2013 at The Wrenn School.  To discover more about the books click on the title below.

If you can identify 'boys' in the photos, please tell me:

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Memories of W.G.S.

Woolley Book

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Mr Wrenn's School


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If you can identify 'boys' in the photos, please tell me:

001 -  Howard Buchanan and Colin McCall signing in visitors 028

002-BrianTanner (centre) Welcoming his old school friends Paul Coleman (left) and Kerry Lewis (right) from the A stream class of 1958             P149

003 Allan Buckby welcomed by Brian-Tanner and Roy Pettit    P159

004  Bob Buckler and his brother Richard   052

006                                                                          044

008 Mr Wrenn's daughter, Helen Love with her husband                                               P167

010 Neil and Jean Laughton (a cleaner at the school)                        P148

012  Ricky and Denise Wrenn        031

016 Friends meet  Richard Huddart meets                                       055

018 New Arrivals                                    P171

020 Friends                                 P142

022 School Memory sheets being studied. These are oin display at the OGs Club House 037

024 Who is trying to identify boys on Panorama photographs?         017

‘the Young Ones’ J Jonathon Reynolds, Neal Hardy, and Martin Percy. The lady is Jon’s partner…

026 Howard Buchanan is watching (Rev.) Stephen Copson (blue coat) & Maureen Buckby      

       Neal Hardy and me at the back…Jon Reynolds and partner in front of us.  P132

028 Please identify                                                                             P177

030 Gerald (Gerry when he was in WGS) Lees and                                           P178

032  Amongst the earliest  buyers.                         034

034 Book signing in process.....                         058

036 Reading Book                  040

038 Book Bought!                   049

039-Lyn Weston nee Wrenn and her husband                         065

040 Mountbatten Hall is filling up                       057

041a LynnWeston shows how many books should be bought            066

041b Did Bob Smart is reading the first Memories Book -did he buy the correct book?   035

042 The Selling and Signing process in action                        062

044 Graham is chatting with Richard Huddart whilst  signing his copy. Alan Ball is standing far left, Richard Oberman next in line!      076

046 Who is chatting with Martin Layton?          068

048 John Hoddle is waiting to pay for books                                      053

050 Almost 3.00pm , The hall is crowded.                      067

Left:  Newspaper cutting from the Telegraph advertising the Launch


Right:  Newspaper cutting from the Telegraph describing the Launch (some editing of the words underneath the picture)