Memories and More Memories of Wellingborough Grammar School:

     Mr Wrenn's School    by Graham and David Tall

The Launch of Mr Wrenn's School was on  24th November 2013 at The Wrenn School.  To discover more about the books click on the title below.

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P26     Howard Buchanan didnít replace Spike. He replaced Mr Sturman

P33    The vignette was written by Peter David Howes, not Peter Negus.

P67     Both Paul Cox and Ricky Wrenn were also School Prefects in the autumn term of  [1960 Ė 61]

P114   Photo of Dr. Jackson's final form:  the lad kneeling at front left is J.J.Wing, not Windsor.

P209   Pte. Evans was played by Taffy "Mitochondria" Cameron

P215 The photograph of Misty Hayes should be: