Memories and More Memories of Wellingborough Grammar School:  Mr Woolley and the War Years
by Graham and David Tall

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At the book launch for ‘Memories of Wellingborough Grammar School (2006) the authors discovered that the Wrenn school still had letters written to Mr Woolley and his staff during the war years.  From them and information given by OGs it became evident that whilst we had provided an overview of the school, considerably detailed  information was available.


‘Mr Woolley and the War Years’ focuses on the experiences of the second Headmaster, Mr Woolley and on the impact of the war on the boys who fought. The book begins in 1937 when Mr Woolley came to the school, to work with a strong team of experienced teachers, and the difficulties that he faced as his staff, and later his senior prefects, were called up for the war effort while the school contended with two successive waves of evacuees and a regular turn over of teachers. He appointed ‘lady masters’ for the first time and kept the school going with male teachers who were either too old or unfit for duty.


The story is told against the background of the evolving stages of the war, as our Old Boys joined the forces and fought on the sea, in the air, and on the land, in Norway, on the continent at Dunkirk, in North Africa, in the Mediterranean and in the Far East, through D-day, and the atom bomb in Japan. It stands as a memorial for our boys, who defended our nation, giving details of their valour.