Memories and More Memories of Wellingborough Grammar School:  Mr Woolley and the War Years
by Graham and David Tall

4 Memories books

Memories of W.G.S.

         Woolley Book

Letter Book

Mr Wrenn's School



Foreword: Mr Hyde

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Foreword: Mr John Hyde v
Acknowledgements vi

I      The School

1 Alfred Russell Woolley 1
2 The Original School Building 9

The Pre-War Masters

4 The Prelude to War: 1937–1939 27
5 The World at War: 1939–1945 31
6 The School during the War 41
7 The Masters appointed in the War 59

II     Memories

I Remember, I Remember: Bert Catlin (1933–1940) 81
The Valiant Years: Derrick Pearce (1939–1945 83
War-Time Memories: Alan Bonham (1941–46) 86
Memories of an Evacuee: Artin Cornish (Aug1941–Dec. 42) 89
The Explosives Club: Peter Soper (1941–45) 93

III     Old Grammarians in the War

8 Our Boys in the War 97
9 The Boys in the Royal and Merchant Navy 109

 The Boys in the Royal Air Force

11 The Boys in the Army 141

IV   Old Grammarians after School


The Boys after School

Mr Woolley’s Farewell 171
Appendix I: Pages from Miss Bavin’s Scrap Book 175
Appendix II: The School Memorial Book 182
Index 190