Memories and More Memories of Wellingborough Grammar School:  Letters to Mr Woolley in the War Years
by Graham and David Tall

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At the book launch for ‘Memories of Wellingborough Grammar School (2006) the authors discovered that the Wrenn school still had letters written to Mr Woolley and his staff during the war years.  From them and information given by OGs it became evident that whilst we had provided an overview of the school, considerably detailed  information was available.


Letters to Mr Woolley in the War Years’ provides the full text of letters sent from Old Boys to the school during the war years.


The two books stand alone, indeed  the letters are used to add flavour to the historical story of what happened in  ‘Mr Woolley and the War Years’


The interest of the ‘Letters’ book is that it illustrates the problems WGS had discovering what old boys did during the war.  The school had to use newspaper appeals to try to discover which old boys had been called up. 


The fascination of the letters is that they:

1.      Illustrate the long training and waiting times. 

2.      Some are a guidebook of places visited.

3.      Some are dry, matter of fact, statements of where the boys are based.

4.     Many illustrate the boys love for their school and how Mr.Woolley wrote to them.

5.     They demonstrate the loss, love, and faith of the parents of the boys who died.