Memories of Wellingborough Grammar School
by David & Graham Tall
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Memories of Wellingborough Grammar School  £17.95

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Over 900 of the 1000 copies printed have been sold.

From its foundation in 1930, with five teachers and sixty-four boys, to its transformation as part of the Wrenn School in 1975.  We recall the headmasters that led its development, from its foundation with Mr Lay in the thirties, through the war years with Mr Woolley and the post-war years with Mr Wrenn, each in turn supported by the ever-present school secretary Nora Bavin.


The characters that gave the school its flavour feature prominently: Froggy, Uncle, Nick, Jake, Eddie, Johnny B, Chunky, Spike, Beery, Danny, Father, Charlie, Gus, Buzz, Ivor, Tony, Johnny H, Cloddy, Cheyenne, Dave W, Bob T, and others who taught for a decade or more. England Rugby Internationals—Don White, John Hyde, Jeff Butterfield, Bob Taylor— and TV personality Sir David Frost each played their part. A galaxy of eminent guests left their mark, including Sir Alexander Fleming, Sir John Cockcroft, Sir Lawrence Bragg, Lord Birkett, Sir William Penney, Lt-General Sir Brian Horrocks, Sir Peter Scott, Douglas Bader, Leonard Cheshire, Sir Compton Mackenzie, and Lord Mountbatten. 

The sports, the clubs and societies, travel at home and abroad, the academic success, all contributed to a special experience that served us well but, most of all, we cherish the friendship, the humour, the dedication, and the privilege of being part of a remarkable institution that we remember with affection and pride.  There are chapters, on the  teachers, the clubs & societies, the sporting activities, the trips and the curriculum as it changed through the schools history.  The book is written from the perspective of the boys and the resultant positive, negative and sometimes very mixed feelings about the school become evident.  We hope the book will be one which we old boys, our children and our grandchildren will enjoy - it is a piece of social history.  


Launch Contents Foreword: Sir David Frost
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Foreword: Mr Temple Reader's Reviews HOW TO BUY