Astronomical Society

Here is a little information on the Astronomical Society - maybe we should have called it the Astronomy Club as we were not all that large!

The Society began in May 1964 and was initiated by Kerry Lewis and Neil Sinclair (see page 30 of Summer Term 1964 mag, page 17 Autumn 1966). Early on we visited the London Planetarium and purchased a 6 inch reflector which Kerry Lewis and Neil Sinclair began to construct at the beginning of 1965 I believe. As I left in about February 1965 I never used it in anger and so would be interested in memories of those who followed after. Also, I believe Mr Bantoft was the master who attended the first meetings (Room 14 at 16.00 every Tuesday) although he is not mentioned in the two Magazine articles that I have.    (Neil Sinclair 1958/9)