WGS Magazine's

The magazines below require Adobe Acrobat on your computer, fortunately this can be obtained free on the web.

Sadly, the greyness of the paper is a side-effect of ensuring that the magazine is 'searchable' in Adobe Acrobat for a particular word or name.  If the file is opens in Adobe Acrobat use Edit and Search, if the following toolbar is present, select the binocular icon fourth from the left.

Particular thanks are necessary to David Tall for scanning the majority of the magazines and Neil Sinclair for scanning the one's in his possession.  Magazines were also supplied by Arthur Warner, Graham Chapman, Peter Clarke, John Garley, David Wilson and the Old Grammarians.  The latter magazines will be added as they become copied to Adobe Acrobat

It is intentioned to scan all the magazines, but it will take time.

1930's   1940's  

1940 Autumn

1941 Summer

1941 Autumn

1942 Summer

1942 Autumn

1943 Summer

1943 Autumn

1944 Summer


1944 Autumn

1945 Summer


1945 Autumn

1946 Summer


1946 Autumn

1947 Summer


1947 Autumn

1948 Summer


1948 Autumn

1949 Summer


1949 Autumn

1950 Summer
1950's   1960's  
1950 Autumn 1951 Summer    
1951 Autumn 1962 Autumn
  1953 Summer    
  1955 Summer    
    1966 Autumn