The Missing Fourth Form
It should be noted that the Forms were renumbered, under Mr. Wrenn, in Summer 1948, with the result that all those in the second and third forms in 
1947-48 remained  in second and third forms in 1948-49 .   The top stream in the fourth year went on to become fifth formers BUT their compatriots, 
in the lower streams, remained  fourth formers.
Thus, Brian Horn in IIIA  went into the following classes:
in Summer 1946 he was in IIA1 

in Summer 1947 he was in IIIA

in Summer 1948 he was in IIIA   For the first year a first form was at the school!!

in Summer 1949 he was in VA    Hence he missed the 4th form, which his predecessors would have taken!!!!

 Summer 1947           Summer 1948
D.Bayes in IVA                VA	  Note in 1947-48 there were no other fifth formers.
A.Allan in IVB                 IVB
G.Abbott in IVC              IVC
D.Collins in VA                VI Science
A.Akehurst in VB              -
R.Bland in VC                   -