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Trips Abroad

"We generally seem to have some pretty favourable memories of the old school (sportsment, thespians, even academics!) - personally. I found that sticking close to the CHEALE / WARD collaboration seemed to provide numerous opportunities to escape to the mainland, a pre-occupation that lives on to this day!"

 Richard Nobes (1955)

Note 29 in 1956 is equivalent to 490 in 2006 using Retail Price Index


Royal Yacht Trip.  Victoria and Albert @ Portsmouth 1948 or 1949

Back Row:    Berwick, Jim Pope, ?, P.F.Jones, Clayton, Hunt, Glyn Muncey, ?, Bradshaw

Centre Row: Alan Towers, ?, Sid Brown, ?, Clifton, Warren, ?, John Manning, Roy Catling, Douglas Rabbitt, Surridge, Moore

Seated:          R. Goosey, Graham Norris, Bob Whitworth, Buzz Temple, P.O., Mr Sharpe, Jim Smith, Colin Cunnington and ?

Front:             ?, Stratton, Bob Sharman                     Names by Roy Catling and John Cook