Thanks     These are in order of receipt

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Graham, Peter, John, Dick, Robert, Paul, Roy, David, Chris and Graham,

Very, very many thanks for organising the WGS reunion weekend.

Both Joy and I had an absolutely enjoyable time throughout each of the events on Saturday. Joy came with some apprehension, knowing that there were not a lot of wives attending - but had such a good time that she asked me specifically to tell you so.

We could not believe how quickly the evening flew by - we are sure if we had not been kicked out we would all have still been there the next morning! Everything was perfect - the meal, Dick Oberman and David Wilson, and the 'boy' band. Despite knowing Geoff from about the age of 4 or 5, I had not realised just how good he is - and the musicians!!!!!!!.

The engraved glass has arrived safely back in Southwell - and has taken pride of place in a display cabinet!

I have already told Graham this - but I will reiterate - we all owe him our gratitude for the superb web-site - full of largely many happy memories. Am I glad that I received that first e-mail from David last November / early December.

It was certainly great to meet up with so many old friends in one day - and amazingly to be able to recognize them before seeing their name badges.    So - again - grateful thanks.   Yours,    Joy & Paul Cox


David   What a brilliant day yesterday was. Well done to you, Graham Tall, the rest of the committee, and the band!   I left at midnight, arrived home at 1.10.   Sorry I won't be at WOGA today, but I hope you all have another good reminiscing session!  Best wishes Tony


David,   Just a short note to thank you and your committee for all the hard work you put into the reunion do over the week end. It was a great event, meeting so many faces from the past (even though you and I never recognised each other!)

Please pass on my sincere thanks to all the organisers for their efforts. It was marvellous that so many made the effort to appear

Well Done, Regards, David Colson


......... .........See you tomorrow

This email for whatever reason did not go on Friday as it should, hence "see you tomorrow" does not make sense!! Never mind it does give me another opportunity to thank you and the rest of the committee for organising such a splendid evening.

Thanks again for inviting me   Brian Mason (1954)


Just to say THANKS to you and the committee for a wonderful weekend. It was absolutely great to see you and everybody again. I really enjoyed the evening and I was only sorry that I couldn't join in with the School tour and Sunday lunch-time. I thought the Band went down well too!   And on behalf of the Band, thanks for letting us perform!   Thanks also to the Masonic hall staff who looked after us so well.  I certainly look forward to seeing the photo’s.   Thanks very much for everything! Kind regards  Graham Newell

Dear Graham,  Thanks for your note, the photos were great! ( but Do I really look as old as that!) Once again it was a super occasion and I do hope that it will be possible to meet up again next year!  Kind regards  Graham Newell


Hi David     

Just a quick e-mail to you and all the committee members to say a massive thank you for all the hard work put in to make the weekend’s events so memorable and successful.

 I think most of us had reservations about attending it but I for one am delighted that I did attend and thoroughly enjoyed it all but I am confident that without the commitment and dedication put in by the committee, it would not have been the success it was – and all for £25.00 – remarkable!!!

 Thanks once again.    Garth Peacock


Dave,    Many thanks for arranging the reunion. Both Lesley and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting old friends, some of whom I had not seen for over 40 years.  I have undertaken to keep in touch with two, which would not have been possible without your initiative.

Enjoy your rest---------and I will give some thought on your next project.!!!      Regards,     Dave Munns.


Dear David   I just sat down at my computer to send you an E-Mail thanking you for the day on Saturday and your E-Mail was there.No it is'nt mine--I put mine straight into my coat pocket so I wouldn't forget it.

Anyway thank you for a superb day which I enjoyed very much and I was glad that I decided to go.

I think the song "A Perfect Day" is how I would describe it.   Regards Rodney Foster

Dear Graham   Many thanks for the wonderful day on Saturday which I found enjoyable from start to finish.   It was good to meet up with old friends again especially my old classmates.   Also thank you for all the work you and the committee must have done to organise the event.

Regards    Rodney Foster


Dear Graham/David   Just a few lines to say how much my wife and I enjoyed the reunion dinner.  We thought it was an excellent night and a resounding success.  Please convey our thanks for the hard work of yourself and your committee.  Best Wishes   Graham Drage

Thanks to all of the committee for your prodigious organisational efforts in setting up such an enjoyable event. Sorry I had to miss the evening part. Looking forward to the next one (60th or 75th?)    Regards    Malcolm Billing


Obvously a great deal of planning went into this last weekends events, and the work of Graham Tall and David Spencer was fantastic. Graham has produced such a valuable website for our use, and he has offered to give full access and guidance to those who choose to organise a 1956 Golden Anniversary Re-union.  Richard Bryan (1956)


Hi All,  Just to say thank you for a smashing weekend, it was really well organised, and judging by the comments, was enjoyed by everyone.  Peter Clark

Hi David,   I think your Personal Accounts were very commendable. I have asked Gill if I can join you in the bikers club, I am still nursing the bruise on my neck!! Seriously though I think it would be great to organise something next year, for the W.G.S. 1955 Intake which I would be happy to assist again.  If I dont speak to you again before Christmas, Gill and I wish you and everyone a Happy Christmas, and a healthy and enjoyable new year.   Best wishes Pete Clark.  (This email was sent after DS forwarded a personal account and a raunchy picture of the bikers club he'd joined and within days was thrown out of!.   Editor)


Hi All ,   What a great do!    Well worth the effort.

Just a line to say I am putting together one last package for snail mailers with web material and asking if they have any little gems to impart for GT or indeed photos. These of course will come as hard copies so hope they will be of use. I have also mentioned the glasses but hopefully they have by now been claimed (problem if they have and one of these chaps replies in the affirmative !!!! ) just joking.

I am going to let Sue do the posting as I appear to have sent letters without the correct postage and had my leg pulled at the re-union by a couple of lads ! She did tell me to get them weighed but c'est la vie.   Anyway here's to the next one       Regards Roy Pettit


Dear Graham, first many many thanks for helping to organise the weekend, it really was terrifically exciting. It was also good to meet a

fellow taker of photographs. I enclose my modest contribution, to do with what you want, even not to use them at all. Hope you enjoy them, if you want help with name let me know.    Best wishes, David Holden


Echoing Roy's comments, didn't we all have a great weekend!   Claire and I really enjoyed ourselves and Claire reminds me to thank our committee members wives for all their hard work and sufferance behind the scenes - especially Sue, Gill and Stephenie.

Best wishes to all.  Graham Chapman.


Hi Graham

I would like to congratulate and thank you and the committee for arranging such a splendid evening and the opportunity to meet up with our former classmates. It was really brilliant and totally enjoyable, thank you.   Best wishes   John Allen

David, May I say what a superb event you and the committee arranged for us, the dinner particularly will be a lifetime memory for me. Many, many thanks and hope that you too will have enjoyed the occasion. Best wishes John Allen


I always felt that the goodwill generated right from the start of the first committee meeting would lead to a successful event and I was not disappointed. It really was a terrific weekend, and I'm still thrilled at the quality of the band.

Emphasising the words of Chris, I look forward to the follow-up committee meeting and a summer event at which I hope the band will make a come-back. Other, lesser bands have done this!     Dick Frost


Well done - a really well organised event.    Ron Coles


Graham / David and Committee

Thanks again to you all for working together enabling us to share such a meaningful and memorable occasion. I must admit to being a little apprehensive in meeting "old friends" after such a time - apparently I was not alone with this sentiment. It seemed to me that there was a good spirit between us that gave a sense of ease and belonging that remained from our youth. Interesting from the start - plenty of laughs - a bit of a rave with what must have been "musical oldies", superbly performed - where did the evening go, and the years! Someone asked me if my wife Chris was enjoying the evening - you bet she was! - my only regret there was not enough time to talk to many others - looking forward to the next one. Kind regards      Allan Buckby


Graham  I have written to David to express my sincere thanks to all for a wonderful event - but my particular thanks to you for your tireless work with the website     Best wishes Alan Marlow

Dear David   May I express my thanks to you and everyone of the committee for organising such a brilliant reunion. It was wonderful to see everyone and renew friendships, some of which for me, go back to the age of 4

As the evening progressed, the astonishing amount of hard work involved became apparent and I can only pass on sincere congratulations, gratitude and admiration to all.   The event will linger in my memory along with other golden milestones such as England winning the world cup (2003)!    Best wishes     Alan Marlow


I am not replying over the gifts - its just a lazy way of getting your address onto the screen.

We went to Southampton on Sunday and arrived back yesterday and we are off to the lake district at lunch time but I just wanted to get a note to you to thank and congratulate you and the committee for all you efforts in getting such a successful event together. It was really worth while and certainly exceeded expectations. I have had a few messages already from former friends and I am sure others have started to network again so the reunion will I am sure have much more significance than just last weekend.  I hope you can organize a follow up, perhaps in the summer. I am sure it will be well support and some of those who did not attend will be after grabbing the coat tails and join in when they hear of the success of last weekend.


The band was fantastic. I am sure the people at the Masonic Hall did not expect that from a reunion of 60 year olds. Great. On reflection the weekend not only reminded me that I was privileged to go to the grammar school but to go with such talented individuals. Please pass my appreciation to the committee and the band. Regards Clive Roche


Dear David     Sorry I've been so long in writing but life is as hectic as ever and I've been struck down with a cold and cough this week and have felt distinctly under the weather. However, I must write to say what a fantastic experience last weekend was. I suppose like many others I was a little apprehensive about how it would pan out, but the atmosphere was great and everyone seemed to be happy and involved. My only disappointments were that the band was on so late - but as they say in show biz, it's always best to leave 'em wanting more!! (which I think we did): and that it would have been nice to have had more time to talk to people, particularly those who had not been at WOGA or the school earlier in the day. I'd have loved a longer chat with Pete Tomkins, for instance - I only said 'Hi' to him as I arrived - but we had to get changed during the 'comfort break', and of course after the band had finished it was time to go home.

My heartfelt thanks to your and the committee for your labour of love and commendable organisation. The whole thing went so smoothly and could not have been bettered. Time for you to put your feet up and sample a 12-year-old Glenlivet in one of those excellent whisky glasses!    Best wishes   Geoff Hodgkins     By the way, the band are up for a re-run some time in the future. I leave it with you!


Hi David

I'm afraid I left last week without expressing how much I enjoyed the day and how grateful I was that you invested all that time and effort in getting the event rolling and the subsequent organisation you undertook - so I'm doing it now.  Whilst at school one of the people I spent a lot of time with out of school with was Stephen Day - who opted not to attend the reunion. I just wondered whether you had any contact details for him. I seem to remember you sent an e-mail out with some such info on it but I no longer seem to have it. I'd be pleased to receive any info you have.  Once again, many thanks for your efforts towards last weekend    Take care   Pete Burrell


Hi Graham and David and all the committee

Having visited the Website today (Saturday) and looked at the Thank yous - I realise the one sent earlier in the week did not get through the ether!!   So once again thanks for a wonderful reunion weekend - I am up for a Summer event if possible and would suggest the possibility of an annual get together until people either get too old(!!) or bored (!!) - but on the evidence of last week really worth trying. I did not particularly enjoy my last year at WGS - but this restored for me the best memories of 1955-62.  Thanks for all the hard work in organising it.   Ian Prior


David, Please pass on my thanks to the organisers of a memorable re-union. I am so glad I came and saw so many familiar faces. Time was all too short but  To chat to old friends was great. A really enjoyable occasion. Thank you all,   Martin Gray.

Dear Dave,   I would like to express my thanks to you and the committee for organizing the reunion last weekend. It was a great weekend and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone after all those years.  When I arrived at the Old Grammarians I was unsure whether I would recognize anyone after all those years, but the badges with photographs and the name in large letters were a great help. The evening was excellent and I was bowled over by the Rock group who I thought were seriously good.  If you do decide to follow this event with another at some time in the future I would be very keen to join the party.  Best wishes to you any your colleagues on the committee    Kind Regards   Chris Roche

Dear Graham,  I had a thoroughly enjoyable weekend thanks to you and the other members of the commttee.  Its a shame we didn't all meet 20 years ago.  We had all seen each other last as we embarked on our careers and future lives, and along side the pleasure of the weekend there was a certain melancholy seeing each other again, past our primes and in various stages of decline.....

Having the pleasure of opening my weekend souvenir when I got home, I'm willing to bet which glass you use for your rare Christmas Whisky.

Many thanks for what you did to make it an enjoyable weekend.   Regards.    Barrie Tall


We would like to thank you and the committee for a most enjoyable evening. It must be a tremendous relief after all the hard work that you have all put in over the months to know that it all came good in the end. Well done! When is the next one? ..... before we are too old and decrepit we hope!! The souvenir glasses are being proudly displayed.   Best wishes    Barbara & Pete Tomkins

Hi Graham  Thanks for your email 29 November sorry for delay in replying.  We really enjoyed the re-union evening and it did go too quick but hope we can meet up again before too long.  Many thanks to you and the committee for all the organisation - where do you get the time and energy?  Does Stephanie remember "Pippa Dee Parties" she was in my group of organisers many many years ago?   Best wishes Barbara Tomkins (and Pete)


We would like to thank you and the members of the committee very much for the very enjoyable reunion in Wellingborough.   It was great to see so many old friends.   We really appreciate all your efforts and look forward to renewing old friendships.

 Here's to the next reunion!     Best wishes  Roger & Jennie Cobley


Dear Graham    Many thanks to you and the committee for laying on such a splendid evening.  I felt literally overwhelmed by nostalgia on arriving at the Masonic Hall. We are all getting on a bit but the boy in us still shone through and in the case of some, notably Tony Mitchell, the ageing process seems to have stopped at age 16! Many thanks once again and see you all at the next bash.  Kindest regards    D J (Sam ) Harris


Graham     Thanks for the copy of the exchange of emails between you and Sam Harris. Surely if he thinks I look younger than most of the others he needs to get his eyes tested! Doesn't he know eye tests are free to us oldies?

Thanks for all you contributed to make the reunion so successful - and for everything you're still doing. Have you seen the article in the Evening Telegraph? It would have been much better if they hadn't aged us all by 5 years! They said the reunion was to mark our LEAVING the school in 1955. If you haven't seen it, let me know and I'll scan it to you.

I agree that we should have further reunions - but none can match the first one where most of us met people we hadn't seen for about 45 years. 'Maxi' reunions every 5 years sounds about right - we have to accept that numbers will inevitably decline because people will gradually be unable to make it through ill health (or worse!). Low key events in the intervening years would be a useful way of keeping in touch, but I suspect numbers would be quite low.    Best wishes   Tony Mitchell


Dear David, Re 1955 Intake Reunion. Firstly I must thank you and the committee for a first-rate weekend. It was wonderful to meet the many members of the year group who were able to attend, and renew contact with those who we shared so much during those short years. It is also good to hear that there is a wish to repeat the experience and I would certainly try to attend if possible should you arrange a barbeque in the summer. I know that you are aware of the quarterly lunches which the Old Grammarians hold. I try to attend as many as I can and usually join with new members of the intake year of 1954. Bob Timpson was hoping that more from our year might wish to attend and perhaps this could be suggested to those who wish to continue their association on a more regular basis. If there is interest, I think that Derek Pearce is the person to contact to book places.. Anyway thank you all once again for a super weekend and I hope that contact can be maintained. Yours sincerely, Les Lawrence.


What stood out to me at the re-union was how decent and refined everybody was and thoroughly enjoyable company which was very refreshing with so much crude behaviour in society today..  My major disappointment was the quadrangle at the school having been built on and I found this grotesque.  With regard to the future I agree that it would be wasteful for us all to drift apart again….In my opinion high attendance would be achieved if we aimed for the period between mid October and mid November.  I see no reason why we should not return to the Masonic Hall for a meal and with less formalities this would allow for 3 hours of music (a bloody good sing song)  and chat hopefully provided by “Spike and the Jackson 5”  Tony Bevington


I know you have received so many congratulations for the weekend and wish to add mine to the long list.  It was great to see everyone after such a long time and a more informal summer event is worth considering.  Please keep me informed if anything materialises but in the meantime, many thanks once again for the tremendous amount of work done by the committee and a fabulous weekend.   Mick Corbyn


Guest Speakers and Teachers:

Congratulations on a brilliant evening, and a memorable commemorative programme. I hope you are all delighted with the way it went-- David and I are proud to have been associated with the evening  Best wishes,   Richard Oberman  (1953, Guest Speaker, Teacher  & Old Boy)

David   Thank you for your kind letter.  Richard and I enjoyed the evening very much.  It was clear that Wellingborough Grammar school had quite an effect for good on many people’s lives and it was our pleasure to be able to bring back a few memories.   David Wilson (1952, Guest Speaker, Teacher & Old Boy)


Thank you letter from Richard Temple:

from Geoffrey Stanley


and from Colin McCall

Dear David,    Just to thank you and the organising committee for the splendid day we all enjoyed last Saturday. My wife, Ann, wishes to add her thanks, she said she thought it was a fantastic evening ( she seldom uses such glowing terms for such events !).  For me, the visit to WGS was a delightful trip down "memory lane" ; I hadn't been back to the school since I left in 1960. I was conscious that others were having a similar experience, judging from the amusing scenario in Doc. Jackson's old room !  I think we must all judge the 2005 reunion a great success, due in no small measure to your efforts. Well done !!    Warm regards,    Colin McCall

A great weekend.  Brought back a lot of memories!  Best wishes,  Colin McCall