How about letting me have your anecdotes - cos, we never managed to get round to them on the day.      Graham Tall
Not an anecdote, but an observation. I couldnít help but be struck how one fell into conversation with people you hadnít seen 
for at least 45 years as if you hadnít seen them since last week.  Apparently, according to friends who have been to similar functions, 
this is normal!!      Terry Stratton
Prefects - The Masters of the Rules           Anonymous           
Room 19 - ( I blame my parents )             David Spencer
Lundi Merdi Mercredi,   		Graham Tall
Biology or Spanish         		Graham Tall
Two Questions from       		John Wittering: 
Who was the boy who, when Beerie Ward in an Economics class said: "When I was in the war . . . ", asked "Which war was that, sir?" 
Who, after arguing with Harold Wrenn about some aspect of career choice (he wanted to be an engineer) was described by the headmaster as "short, fat and aggressive"?
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