School Play  1956 Sweeping Reductions


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Back Row: 1 ?? ; 2 ?? ; 3 (Woman white hat)= ?? ; 4=Mike Richards ; 5=Paul Marshall ; 6 (Red hat)=Barry Wieglieb ;

                   7(Policeman)= R.Lines ; 8=Nicholas Truitt ; 9=Chris Misselbrook ; 10 ?? ; 11 (Policeman) =David Toseland

Middle Row:  12 (Suit & glasses)=Michael Eakins ; 13 (Woman in front of policeman)=Tony Beadsworth ;

                    14=Dorian Olney ; 15 (Man with moustache) ?? ;

Front Row: 16 (Man with lighter)= R.Stevenson; 17 (Man with cigarette)= M.W.Gilks


The photograph below is of one of HAW's one act school plays from 1965. Sweeping Reductions. I can recognise Barry Weiglib but who are the others. Perhaps the ladies can help out? I do have a few others of the same play and one from the Clue of the Stone. Alan Short. (Stage Manager)

Newspaper Cutting