School Play   1971  The Murder of Maria Martin


An Actor's remembrance:  ‘THE PLAY’S THE THING…Geoff Hodgkins (1955)

                                            Railway club as stage hands   Neil Sinclair (1958/9)

                                            House Plays

Before 1950 Plays:  Form Plays

1950's Plays:   Libel   Alibi   Twelfth Night   

1960's Plays:   The Caine Mutiny   The Tempest    Arsenic and Old Lace   Sweeping Reductions    The Long and the Short and The Tall 

1970's Plays:   The Murder of Maria Marten     ,    The Royal Hunt of the Sun     ,   The Alchemist

"I enjoyed doing school plays.  I brought girls in when we did 'Zigger Zacker' (1970), 'The Murder of Maria Martin' (1971) and 'The Alchemist' (1973)"  Geoffrey Dean, English Master.

Source of cuttings and programme: Arend Hoogervorst