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Below is the report from the School Magazine, Summer 1953. Note my judge's  robe was Dr. Jackson's Doctoral Gown  Neill Bonham (1947-1943).

" The performance of "Libel" gave universal satisfaction. It was easily the most difficult play we had attempted and its static qualities made production quite arduous. Everything depended on acting, speech and timing; failure by one of the principals would have brought disaster to all. Fortunately the new actors—most of whom had important parts—excelled themselves and gave mature and convincing performances. Particularly may be mentioned N. J. Bonham’s Judge; R. Clarke’s Sir Mark Loddon; R. D. Boyd’s Sir Wilfrid Kelling; N. Rich’s George Hemsby; N. R. Redman’s Patrick Buckenham; B. T. Tapp’s Sarah Carleton and J. M. Warwick’s Numera Quinze. Other newcomers who did well were D. W. Barber as William Bale and T. C. Goodman as the Associate. The old-stagers, R. Westcott, S. W. Brown, P. H. R. Norman and P. S. Valentine gave their customary polished displays. Our thanks too are due to D. Priestley, a most efficient and conscientious assistant producer. The experiment of spreading the play over four nights proved popular as did the novelty of hiring a coach to take visitors home. Needless to say the play tea was also a great success. "