1962 Panorama   Fifth Year

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Unidentified Fifth Formers:

5A1   K H. Howlett, S. Percival, M. E. Rash:  Probably not on the panorama.

5A2 .


5C    P.D.Griggs, R. F. Perkins,


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5A1    K H (Keith ?) Howlett, S (Steven) Percival, and M E (Malcolm) Rash  I knew them all well, same year 1959, and I have searched for them on the photo. Malcolm was at your book launch, and I have had a few drinks with him in latter years, so I would not fail to recognize him….but I don’t think he, or the other 2, are on the foto !!   Keith Brealey   

Subsequent comment from Malcolm Rash: Having thought about my absence from the photo, I know that I was heavily involved with my first girlfriend, and spent quite a few days playing truant, while she did the same. Many days were spent in bed! It all came to a full stop when a letter turned up addressed to my parents asking for an explanation of my absences. Can this be explained on the website - Malcolm Rash not present due to the fact that he was getting his leg over?

7-37.Phil. Bale

7-02.Chris Bennet

7-38.Graham Bishop

7-18.John Brown

7-25.Ian Clark

7-12.John Curson

7-27.Alan Dorney
AJ (Tony) Dorney

7-42.R. D. Fennelow

7-16.Ian Fraser

6-51.Roger Gage

6-81.Timothy Hadden

7-39.Peter Hale

7-40.Robert Hale

6-82.Steve  Hillier

K H. Howlett

7-08.Richard Iliffe

7-72.James Jack

7-26.Michael Major

4-32.Richard Marsden

S. Percival

7-05.Robert Pine

7-06.David Powis

M. E. Rash

6-52.Peter Sharp

7-71.Robert Stevenson

4-31.Roy Thompson

7.73.John Tyson

6-80.S. J. Warren


7-24.P. G. Allen

7-20.Robert Anker

7-33.David John Austin

7-34.John Bassett

7-07.Robert Benoist

7-32.Keith Brealey

4-34.Matthew Butler

6-65.Peter Chamberlain

7-15.John E. Clements

7-35-Anthony Cox

'Fred' Curtis

7-22.Michael Glover

A. M. Henson

7-44.John Hoddle

7-17.Alan Hooper

7-11.Phil. Jones

7-19.Terry K.Jones

7-30.Peter Layton

6-64.D W Line

7-14.Keith Plummer

6-67.M E Prior

7-43.Alan Robinson

7-29.Paul Smith

7-21.Colin Squance

7-23.B. M. Steiner

7-13.James Tomkins

7-36.John Valentine

7-28.Steve Wells
Mick ??

8-51.David Sculthorpe



8-76.Steven Ablett

7-74.R.J. Allebone

7-77.Ralph Aveyard
R. B. Aveyard
8-44. David Bedells

8-73.G. J. Billett


8-56.Paul Freestone

8-62.AJ Godfrey

8-72.David  Harris

7-10.Brian Hill

8-74.Kelvin James

8-43.J.R. Kitchen

8-68.Michael Lambert

Richard Lancaster

8-75.M. P. Mann

8-58.Jim. Morris

8-65.Mick Owen

8-48.G. Parker

8-59.P. C. Parnell

6-66-Tim Pearson

8-69.John  Smeathers

6-62 Jim  Smith 

8-50.Peter Thompson

.David Turnell

6-63.H. Keith Ward

8-49.Phil. Watts

7-75.John R. Wheeler 

8-64.R. D. Wykes


    5C   P.D.Griggs, R. F. Perkins,   B.Moody not included in Summer 1963 magazine

John Astle

8-71.R. D. Benford

7-04.J. D. Be

8-60.John Bradshaw

P. D. Griggs

8-66.A. R. Hill


8-67.Norman Keach

8-47.Michael Leach

7-09.Peter Marriott

7-03.Brian Moody

B.P.Moody 1961/62 4C

R. F. Perkins

8-79.Graham Sharp

8-78.Stuart Sharpe

8-52.Dave Shortland

8-55.AC Thompson

8-57.Michael Weed

8-54.D. H. Williams


8-70.R. T. S. Williams

8-46.Nick. Wookey

8-61.John Wright