Individual Photos from 1958 Panorama:  Unidentified Pupils and Non-Teaching Staff

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The photographs on this page are taken from the 1958 Panorama.  If you identify anyone, contact

1 photos of boys  left,  14 names in the form lists (Some lads would have been absent!)  Some of the others must match!
The teacher's moved pupil's so check other rows and the panorama if you cannot find someone.

PLEASE CHECK FORMS:  Several boys have the same surnames and sometimes nicknames only are used. 

1a        All but    J. B. Smith,

1b        All but    J. E. Clements,  

1c        All but    R. D. Wykes (believed absent - 'scoured panorama' - Graham Smart)

2a        All but    J. D. Moonie, A.Jones 

2b        All but   A. R. Weaver

2c        All but   A. M. Desborough, B. Woodhams:

3C        All but    D.M.Davis

5th:      All but   N. Kirby,  D.Watkins  

VIth:    All but    LVI Arts: R.M.Parker  UVISc: R.H.Joyce


Caretaker & Groundsman
4.0-Jock Walker

5.0-Joe Rose
S.1-Nora Bavin

Dining Room


identified by Joan Richards.

5.67-Ella ?/Elsie

5.68-Ethel Litchfield

5.69-Joan Richards

Lily Hanger

3-34-Miss Mallard


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