Individual Photos from 1958 Panorama:   Fourth and Fifth forms.

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The photographs on this page are taken from the 1958 Panorama.   The teacher's sometimes moved individual's out of position so please check the panorama if particular individual's are not found.
PLEASE CHECK FORMS:  Several boys have the same surnames and sometimes nicknames only are used. 

To see photographs please click on the Forms below:  
5A i                          All identified  
5A ii                      All identified
     All but N.Kirby identified  
       All but  D.Watkins  identified  
Repeat Fifths/Lower Sixth who left before summer

                     All but R.Barlow identified  he may not have joined school when photograph taken.
     All identified
1955 boys who had left school when the form lists were published:   Mike Tyler now year below.
1955 1a = Peter Betts, Brian Robinson.  1955 1b=  Nigel Barron see 4C below, Jim Duncan,
                1955 1c = Brian Griffin, J.Hardwick, J.Parker.
Students Who Joined the 1955 Year Subsequently
          1955 Late Joiners = Sam (Hugh) Cole, John Creasey, G. Ellam, Tony Northen, K. C. Metcalfe, John Rawlins
Unidentified pupils  The teacher's moved pupil's so if necessary check the original 1958 Panoramic Photo.


Form Photos below two photographs

Two photos of 5A1 and 5A2 Boys photo taken in 1961 when many left school:  Source Roger Howell

"The photos were taken outside a little room to the right of the staff room. In the corner of the Quad.  It would have been about 1961/2 and we were all in Upper 6th. "

1  Richard  Buchta,  2. Colin Bingham,  3. John Wittering, 4 Dick  Frost, 5.  Graham Chapman, 6. Geoff Hodgkins, 7. Barrie Tall,  8 Brian Westcott, 9. Geoffrey James, 10 Roger Howell, 11 Paul Robinson, 12  Chris Talbot, 13 Stephen Dobney, 14 David  Sims, 15  Michael Weekley.

Left to right: Barrie Tall, Richard Buchta, Geoff Hodgkins, John Wittering, Richard Bradshaw, Roger Howell, Nigel Bayes, Geoffrey James, Brian Westcott, ?Michael Britton

5A1  Names highlighted match 1955 photographs. Malcolm Rogers left school before form lists were published.

r28-Malcolm Billing

r33-Colin Bingham

r20 Richard Bradshaw

Michael Britton

r27-Richard Buchta

r29-Peter Burrell

r74-Peter Catlin

r82 GrahamChapman

r6-Stephen Dobney

r80-Ian Fenner

r5-Richard Frost

r8-Robert Gibson

r34-Geoff Hodgkins

r71 Bob Mayes

w4-Hugh Nicholas

r78-David Nickerson

r31-Ian Prior

w2-Paul Robinson

r26-Robert Scott

r7-David Spencer

r70-Chris Talbot

r37-Barrie Tall

r32-Peter Tomkins

r77-Paul Tompkins

w3-Brian Wescott

r36-John Wittering
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5A2                    Names like this were a year older.  Names highlighted in yellow match photographs from 1955
                            panorama.  Names in red 1955 photo  Please search 1958 panorama for picture of
J. B. Stafford Graham Bayes &David Millwood left school before the form lists were published.

r9-Bill Aldwinkle

r42-John Allen

r19-Alan Angel

8.37-Graham Bayes

r16  John Bayes

r30 Mike Beeby

r17-Nigel Bayes

r35-Geoff Billett


r69-John Cousens

r81 Paul Cox

r39 David Craddick

r23 Roger Howell

r14-Richard Harris

r84 Geoffrey James


r18 John Kirk

r67-John Linnett

r41 Alan Marlow


r25-Phil Martin

r22 Philip Morris

r45-David Sims

John Stafford

r38-Terry Stratton

r43-Geoff Tye

r4-Michael  Weekley

r83-Peter Walton

5B and 5C are given below the rest of the 1955 year                                         Top of Page
4B                       Names highlighted in yellow match photographs from 1955 panorama. 
                            Please see if you can find a photo in 1958 panorama of R. L. Barlow.

w14-Richard Barden

R. L. Barlow

May not have

arrived at school

until later in the year

w34-Clive Branson

w36-Philip Bratby

w30-John Burton

w25-Peter Clark

w20-Roger Cobley

w12-Ron Coles

w7-Mick Corbyn

w5-Graham Davis

w16-Bob De Banke

w35-Graham Drage

w9-Peter Foakes

w19-Michael Garley

w26-David Gilbert

w28-Peter Godfrey

W32-John Green

w11-David Harris

w21-David Holder

w15-Peter Jackson

w10-Richard Knight

w8-Bryn Lawrence

w24-Tony Mitchell

w27-David Munns

w22-Graham Newell

w23-Richard Nobes

w33-Nic Palmer

w29-Michael Payne

w13 Garth Peacock

w6-Dave Perkins

r46-Chris Roche

w18-Michael Sanders

w17-Graham Tall
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4C         Names in red font are using photos from 1955 Panorama.  Names highlighted in yellow match photographs
            from1955 panorama.  Please check identification of un-highlighted names and search for those with
            no photos in the 1958 panorama.

r47-Colin Barber

r55-Nigel Barron

r57-Lionel Bean

r91Tony Bevington



r66-Clive Childs

r75-Robert Clarke

r51-David Colson

r85-Maurice Cook


Michael Darby

r54-Stephen Day

r72Michael Dickie

r58-Roger Duffin

r62-Rodney Foster

r68-Michael Ginders

r76-Martin Gray


r49Norman K.Underwood

r60-David Lack

r53-Brian Larkins

r73 Leslie Lawrence

R64-Michael Leeson

r87-David Lodge

r48-David Murray

r63 Roy Pettit

w31-Clive Roche

r50-Dave Stanton

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1955 boys who left the school
Names in red font are using photographs from 1955 Panorama. 

Left 1955:
B34 Peter Betts
Chris Ellard

B22 John Parker
Left 1957: J.Creasey

B10 Brian Griffin
Left 1956:

Not in form list:
Left the school

before 1958 panorama.


F10 Jim Duncan

F8 J Hardwick

B57 Brian Robinson

Left 1958:

Nigel Barron

see 4C

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Students, not included above, who joined 1955 Year   Please search 1958 Panorama for  Barlow.

John Creasey
Left School

R Barlow  4b

D Jackson 5b
G. Ellam  5A1
K. C. Metcalfe 5A1


Three on the right joined in the VI Form

ry-Hugh Cole
Rugby Photo

Tony Northen
VI Sci Photo

rx-John Rawlins

Degree Photo











  5B    Ian Ager, Neil Dorks, 

Bernard Linesv and  Brian Mason  LEFT school before form lists were published.

8.33-P? Bermingham

8.8-Roger Brown?

8.5-Tony Bryan

8.16-Richard Busby

8.73-Paul Chatwyn


W Drage

Roy Gilmour

8.3-Bob Gittins

8.77-Malcolm Harris

8.11-David Jones

8.84-Geoff Kealaher
8.15-Phil Line

8.20-Roger Lines


8.17-Brian Mason

8.83-Bill Mather

8.82-Andy O'Key

8.28-Alan Palmer

8.19-Jim Penness

8.80Malcolm Rawlings

8.7-Jim Robertson

8.9-David Stephens

8.76-Mick Walden

8.10-Nigel White

Unidentified pupils  The teacher's moved pupil's so if necessary check the original 1958 Panoramic Photo.

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5C    D.Watkins not identified

8.31-M.A. Barford

W.T. Baxter

8.18-Stuart Cutmore

8.14-Colin Ealey

R. H. Freeman

"Sid" Freeman

8.36-Jim Galloway

8.35-John Goosey

r10-Richard? Hager

8.79-Alan Kitto

8.6-Richard Mallows

8.74-Mick Morris

8.30-Jim Palmer

8.34-Bob Partridge

8.75 Bob Perkins



r15-David Wagg

D. Watkins
r11-Roy York


Unidentified pupils  The teacher's moved pupil's so if necessary check the original 1958 Panoramic Photo.

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