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If you can, please give me the teacher's nickname AND the boys Christian names.

Thanks to Mike Beeby, Tony Buckmaster, Roy Catling, Jeffrey Clayton, John Cook, Cliff Digby, Leonard Clipstone, Norman Elmore, Keith Gennis, Brian Horn, Pedro Howes, Michael King,  David Payne, Jim Richardson, Alan Rudd, Terry Rice, Keith Tompkins, Arthur Warner, Philip Warwick and Dennis Webster.

Note: titles of staff  and boys surnames, or surname then given name, very evident when 40's info first supplied to me.

Photos of   440  of the 448 boys identified , so far  =   98%.   Names in bold have been confirmed by, themselves or more than one individual.
Note: Re-photographing the panorama as well as illness prevented some boys being present:

"this panorama, which depicts the state of play at the end of Summer Term 1946, was in fact taken at the beginning of Autumn Term because something had gone wrong with the processing. Those of us who had departed to take up our various careers were called back on a three line whip by Nora. Some could not get back, hence some notable absentees. 

The large smattering of sports jackets instead of all blazers is because clothes were still rationed at this time and the clothing coupons would not run to both blazer and mufti so we got special dispensation to wear mufti in school." Keith Tompkins

"What can I say about this photo in spite of the delay in responding.  I was bowled over when I first saw it, scanning along the lines of faces and then finding my image there.  It was a strange feeling, somehow I was back there with my school friends and the masters although I knew it was all years ago.  Who was it said that the past is another country and that people do things differently there?"  Michael King

I cannot find Keith Lovell at all. John Cook.  
Row 1 (52/52) Row2 (62/62 ) Row 3 (34/35 ) Row 4 (67/69) Row  5 (53/54 ) Row 6 (58/59 ) Row 7 (50/51 ) Row 8 (64/66 )
1 B.P.Denton Ian Bull 1949 7.47 31    R J Curtis    John Homan

R.R. Golding

Frederick (Fritz) Maycock Graham Norris Barry Drage

Dick Plackett

Alan Towers Peter F. Boxall Colin Coombs    Roddis Keith Rooksby.  M.P.Byles G.G. (Sean) Swords
3 James/Michael Bloxham
Sid Hobbs David  Roberts William Bill Fountain Brian Rabbit Jim Hyde John Chambers

D. Boddington


Jim Pope

1949  5.39

2.4 John Lovell 2.4 P. H. Knight?

Tony Faulkner Brian (Soapy) Soames  R.C.Palmer Ian Smith

Gordon Brown 


C. Quinn

5 Michael Mike Beeby 2.5 Don Johnson Brian Toms Ralph Seaton see 1949 4.3 Gerald.Gigs Neville

      Perrin ?

Brian Tivey

A. Luck

6 Leonard Clipstone

Da Costa


not in formlist

P.T. Eden Norman Redman Maurice Brawn Sid Wells Parnell Cyril Howes.
7 Derrick Cooke Arthur Robinson Bob Chapman Magee is matched by 46 4/7
Alan/John Akehurst
Ronald A Cashmore Howard Anker
Colin Jeffries
Roy Darnell.
8  T.J. Collis


Peter Smith  B.G.Smith G.P. Beardsley J.R. Knifton Jim Richardson       McRae.
9 E.N.Rowthorn W.G..Drage??? Jack Hodgkins Alan Cheasman Tony Lovell
Brian Underwood
P B Johnson Ray Kay
10  J.R. Smith Michael Wallis
210  J P Crisp   
    Jones Don Stevens Derek Neal J.C. Clayton.  Barwick  Roy Newnham.
11 David Priestley Bob Pearson Ray Wallis Doug.Rabbitt Kingsley B.H. Mitchell John Anderson Jenks Simmons John Atkins
12 Brian Walker Michael Wood David James Revers? Laverick Hayden Hodson Tom Cartwright

Ian Crawford

13 Colin_Rockingham 1949 4.44 Albert Kearsley 'Sos' Howard

Bruce Ridgewell

Turnbull Goodband ?? Beckwith

G. Betts

14  J.W.Askham J L (Paddy) Robson John Minney R J Marlow is matched by 46 4/14 see 1949 5.20        Godfrey        Bradshaw Keith Jones Brian 'Bazz Bazeley'
15 Sid.W. Brown Derek Buckey

John.P. Hyde



Keith Gennis Bob Russell J.Johnson

Peter Loveday

16 John Benham John M.Clifton 1949

John Desborough

H.G.Wills Edgar Ellingham
David Pearce
Ken Rogers Jim Wyman.
17 C. B. Brown Keith Bradshaw Gordon Wells

Dudley Wallis

 'Jock' Kerr ?

Robert Anderson
Roy Sharman
Gordon Ellis      Elderton.
18     Crawford

Howard Bigley

Nora Bavin
Stanley Johnson
CharlesBoddington Ray Spencer D. Whiteman Tony Taylor

 1949 6.57

 & 1952 3.49 A..B.Crawford

RichardWaterfield "Duke" Atherton


Pat Hunt.  Gordon Twanker Howes

C. Stone

20 D.G.. Carvell Wilf Sherwood Chunky Pine Henry Luck Martin Hight Colin Jefferies John Darnell Alan Lack
Ray Burton
P.Earl 'Albert'Richmond Alan James Richard  Jellis

Tony Larman

Peter (Pud) Rice

B.A. or Terry Rice

J.T. Joyce,  Ivan Petcher D.Buckby
22 Paul S.Whitney Mick Basson T.G. Cooke
Ken Clipstone
Colin Craddock  Tony Larman

G. Brice

23 John Harris A.S.(Alwyn) York?? otherPans        Holmes G.Wiggins    Wilson (stud.Latin) G. Cooke     Titmus A.N. Benning
???  Allen
24 Kenneth Ken Eaton Tony Rogers


Sam? Partridge David Turner Richard Goodbody.

T. Wheatley

1949  6.52 
Terry Clifton
Howard Fitch John Butler

Clifford Maycock

Martin Wakelin see 4.64

E. Cross Graham Surridge     Drage Norman? Elmore
26 Roger D. Boyd John Craddock


Ivan Petcher


John Fuller Tony Powis. Albert Marshall
27 R Berwick Peter Jones
nickel arse


Paul Wix David Bradshaw David 'Peggy' Law

Alan M. Rudd

Eddie Moore ,
28 Bert Smart J.Whiffing Harold Wrenn


Michael King. Steve  Scott.  Brian  Greenfield Geoff Abbott
29 John M. Kirby

Graham Jolley

Jake Dunning PeterTompkins M. G. Rudd Alan Groom B. Houchen Mick Granger
30 Clive Johnson

KR Brown

1949  7.21 

'Doc' Jackson, Bob Leslie,
John Lusty B. Charter Penness
31 Mick Wells Alan Summers Lennie Bratt Colin  McCall David Clarke
Alan Draper
Derek ' Mad' Haynes
32 Brian Tew Alan Jessop 'Sam' Harris RKS Baker Geoff Coles Alan Wheatley Basil Shrives RF Smith
33 Richard Neville Tony Crawley Ron Beery Ward

Ken Wesley

David Westley

Jimmy Hill Geoffrey Linnel Terry Rice T.Williams
34 John Manning John Gilbert Charlie Ward        Lord Gerald Bean
J B 'Jabba' Smith
D.H.Haydon K.Munday
35 Brian Horn

Richard E. Knight

G.E.   Sharpe DennisWebster R. Smith

R. Levy

Don Garlick W.Lee
36 Raymond Britchford Geoff Partridge Wyn Trigger Davies Dennis Tear

5.36-Keith Brown

C. H. Tully

Roger Titley. Brian A.Groome
37 Robert Clark

??? Eagles

Mr Jay Billy Meadows (David) Hales. S. Underwood Oakley D.Bayes
38 Clifford Raven W.Page Danny Burrell

 Paul Wix,

 Roger Smith

R. Pentelow

J. G. Stanley

B.Cross 1949 3.6

Dennis? Hawley ,

39 David Westley C.Cunnington_ Oscar Elmore Tony Buckmaster R. Lawrence

Colin Cunnington

Paul WiIls Bob Shawley
40 Digby Bob Wilkins John Bes Hardwick Noel Pearson A.J. Combe

J. R. Partridge

Alan Edge


41 Peter Frogley J.Ovens     Hales JohnThompson Dennis J.Collins J. Neville
42 Barry Stokes Toothy Sharman John Wilmot Bradshaw P.E. Warwick Stan  Hefford Dave Pratt J.Tompkins
43 Gordon Wait

Peter Burt

    Maddams   Brian Oliver Eric Kilsby Don Burton Eric Frankland
44 Richard Manning Dave Walden  Tony Fish Carter M.Sinfield

P. Wilson

D.E Richardson Keith Willis Paul Furnell
45 Frank Faulkner Glyn Muncey D.R. Smith Inky”Whiting
Leo Wright
J.E.Skerritt  Jack
M.A. Goodband Barry Stevens Mick Granger
46 D.Emerton Eric Peplow KeithTompkins 1949 A..J. Lee is matched by 46 4/19
 R. J. Ward
   F. D. Martin P.Hobbs Brian Pratt
47 Warren Roy Catling

Robert (Bob) Howes

Bob Grattan
David Fidler  John Emms ?   Rudge          ?  
48 A. H. Lee Ronald China Holmes Tom S. Groome P.Andrews
Tony 'Acka' Jones
S. T. K. Smith (Sticky) Smith W.K. Abbott Tom Wildman
49 Brian A. Ward James Norris Howard  Clarke Tony Collins
K.A. Lawrence

D.Michael Henley

50 Mick F.Eady Fatty Howell T.Norman

Brian Carvell,

John Hearn       Bland John Edwin Lee E.Tilley
51 Gerald S. Gezzer Slade M..Streeton

J.S. (Stan) Spring

Patrick Tysoe

MW Unstead P.J.Flint Alan  Lovell  A.K. Johnson N.Tompkins
52    Howell John Gramshaw David Parker Dennis W.     Luck David Harris   Brian Blackwell
53 Stephen Smeathers Edwards Brian Tyler Terence Leo Wright Dennis?/Don? Leeding   E (Eddie) E. Moore
54      Cooper Tim Partridge Brian 'Poppy' Peters “Bud”Knowles K S Eady   D..Lawrence
55   Ian Wills  B.Shipp P.H.Knight   Alec Day is matched by 46 6/55    
56      Johnson   Pete Coles   B. Parker Banke
57   Brian Rice   Clive A.Clarke       F. Jim. Compton
58   A.G..Smith   Malcolm Tip Tobin   Robert(Bob)Sharp
1949 7.61
  R.E. Goosey
Frank W. Woods
  Richard M.Hall    John M.  Smart   C.P.Daniels
60   John Pearson  

Don Stratton

      A R Barron   
61   Barry Farnell  

Ken Maple

62   Raymond J. Ray Lumbers  

David Juicy Payne


D M.Laughton

1949 7.43

64       Martin Wakelin      


see 1949 7.60

65       Andrew A. Spencer     Peter White
66       Bob Whitworth 1949       Roy Peake
67        M.W.Quarry        
68       Ted Spencer???        
69       Barry Tunn        

Reported as Deceased:   

Row 1:  B.P. Denton  1:1; David Priestley 1:11 circa '58;

Row 2: Derek Buckey 2:15, Alan Towers 2:2,

Row 3: Tom Groome 3:48,

Row 4: Brian Smith  4:8,  M. Laughton  4:63,  Martin Wakelin 4:64  M.W. Quarry 4:67

Row 7: P. B. Johnson(deceased) ; 7.9 Gordon Twanker Howes 7:19, Jenks Simmons 7:11, John Edwin Lee 7:50,

Row 8:  John Atkins 8:11, Peter Loveday 8:15,  Norman Whiteman 8:24